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Famous Dave’s opens a ghost kitchen in Granite City – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-05-06 08:00:50 –

Famous Dave’s Georgia Chopped Pork Sandwich // Courtesy of Famous Dave

Ghost kitchenKansas City is steadily increasing the number of mini-restaurants or menus dedicated to delivery or pickup within existing restaurants.

Of the famous Dave Recently, we opened a ghost kitchen in Granite City Food & Brewery. Opening a ghost kitchen in Granite City was an easy choice for Famous Dave’s, as BBQ Holdings and LLC are the parent companies of both restaurants.

“The famous Dave’s actually took off during the pandemic, because it’s mobile and people use it a lot for delivery and catering for other items, but how to combine these two brands? I spoke, “said Adam Lehr, senior VP of BBQ. Holdings says. “Ghost kitchens have been around the restaurant industry for some time, but they actually found their foothold because they couldn’t eat at the restaurant due to restrictions. It’s where the food comes from. What’s the difference? From. Kansas City is a barbecue town. Kansas City Market has a famous Dave presence, but nothing near Zona Rosa. “

Lehr and his team decided to open Famous Dave’s Ghost Kitchen in Granite City because it’s easy to collaborate under the same parent company.

According to Lehr, the ghost kitchen has been well received. The location of Kansas City is the eighth in the country. The first location was St. Cloud, Minnesota. Lehr states that the success of the concept location has allowed the company to stabilize and hire others throughout COVID-19.

“This is totally beneficial to both sides and allows us to bring food to markets that would otherwise not be possible. This allows employees to return to work and people who may have been temporarily dismissed. You can get paid in your pocket. You’re out of volume, “says Lehr.

They had to bring smokers to every restaurant to open the famous Dave’s kitchen in Granite City. Diner can expect a reduced version of Famous Dave’s classic menus and recipes, including ribs, brisket, and chicken. It tastes the same as Famous Dave, but is neatly packed in a takeaway box.

According to Lehr, the ghost kitchen helped the restaurant recover some of the losses it suffered throughout 2020. Still, profits are down about 20% from 2019 figures. Lehr believes that somehow the ghost kitchen remains even after COVID-19 is over.

“”[As] The dining room has reopened, but it hasn’t seen the reduction as expected, “says Lehr. “I wondered if the ghost kitchen would fall if the dining room reopened with a large capacity. That wasn’t — they still hold their volume. I think I’ll stay here. Is that there are two restaurants under one roof. It may not be a ghost kitchen, but it could be a dual concept of having two restaurants under one roof. We know that this dual concept is well established, but if it’s a ghost kitchen or a more traditional form of service, we continue to navigate COVID-19. I don’t think there are any jury members yet. “

Ghost Kitchen is proven throughout the pandemic. As restaurants begin to reopen, it’s clear that non-traditional diets have put a lasting mark on the restaurant industry.

Famous Dave’s opens a ghost kitchen in Granite City Source link Famous Dave’s opens a ghost kitchen in Granite City

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