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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2022-08-05 01:06:01 –

A far-left group is again suing Tennessee over its policy that children use bathrooms based on the gender they were assigned at birth.

“This action is based on a recently enacted Tennessee law, the Tennessee Accommodation Act for All Children, Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-2-801 et seq. (“School Facilities Act” or “Law”) prohibits transgender public school students from accessing multi-class restrooms or other facilities consistent with their gender identity.” Some say. lawsuit Submitted by Human Rights Campaign (HRC). “By singling out transgender students for ill-treatment and by explicitly enshrining discrimination against transgender people in state law, the School Facilities Act has made it possible under the U.S. Constitution and Title 9 of the 1972 Education Amendment. It violates the most basic guarantee of equal protection.”

Defendants in the lawsuit are the Williamson County Board of Education, Williamson County School Superintendent Jason Golden, and Tennessee Commissioner of Education Penny Schwinn.

Initially, HRC sued the state when the bill was first enacted in 2021 on behalf of another student. But that lawsuit was voided when the student and family moved from Tennessee to another state.

“It is unfortunate that legislators in Tennessee are using their powers to attack the most vulnerable people in our country – our children. We will not stop pandering to our bases, even if it means managing toilets that use them,” HRC’s chief litigator, Cynthia Cheng-Wun Weaver, said Thursday. press release“We should all be inspired [the plaintiff’s] The strength and determination to fight for her right to be who she is. She, and all transgender and nonbinary children in Tennessee, deserve affirmation and encouragement to be who they are in every aspect of life. ”

This lawsuit was filed on behalf of an eight-year-old student (referred to only as DH in the lawsuit). The student’s parents say the student began “transitioning” from male to female at the age of six.

“I chose to move to Tennessee many years ago because it was known as the ‘Volunteer State. In this state, rather than a state that legalizes discrimination against helpless children, citizens took care of their neighbors without hesitation,” said her DH’s mother, who was referred to as AH in the lawsuit. “Now, I am ashamed to say that I live in a state that refuses to see anything other than the gender of my child. She is a bright, friendly, funny, creative, and enthusiastic little girl.” By filing this lawsuit, I am supporting my volunteer spirit as I am fighting to affirm not only the existence of my child, but the existence of the thousands of transgender and nonbinary children living in Tennessee. shows.”

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Photo “Men’s and women’s restroom” Ted Eitan.CC BY-SA 2.0.

Far-Left Group Suing Tennessee Again over Trans Bathroom Law Source link Far-Left Group Suing Tennessee Again over Trans Bathroom Law

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