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Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-21 22:53:03 –

Hillsboro, Kansas (KSNW) — Hillsboro Rods Tires are looking for combine and tractor tires everywhere.

“Oh, we’re in stock now,” said Rod Koon, owner of Rod’s Tire and Service. “But we’re looking down the road. We’re lucky to have inventory. Not everyone does.”

Rods have been sold to new markets since tires became hard to find. He is currently growing sales in regions such as Oklahoma, Texas, and western Kansas.

Some farmers can buy it anytime, anywhere.

“We were lucky,” said Brian Mitchell of Mit Farms.

Mitchell is in the middle of harvesting soybeans and corn. He recently needed tires for grain carts.

“Fortunately, we’re 45 miles away so we can get them without having to get off too long,” Mitchell said. “The next step is to search the entire web and we go where we have to go.”

Mitchell says there are currently many supply chain problems for farmers.

Rod, on the other hand, says he has so many problems.

“Once again, we have tires. That’s our job. We’re increasing our inventory and becoming more creative. It’s been like this for about 6 to 8 weeks,” Rod said. .. “Products manufactured domestically are actually a really difficult task. We are Firestone dealers and delivery from them has been dark since spring. We had to go to other brands and imports. So you can keep people moving. “

Rod is waiting for supply containers from other countries.

“We knew this was coming, so we were looking for a while to keep our inventory,” Rod said. “There are multiple containers ordered from India and Thailand, but it will be a challenge as no one knows when they will arrive,” Rod said. “There is no (immediate) improvement in Japan.”

Some co-operatives and produce stores have told KSN that they are also in stock. However, some say it’s getting harder to find inventory.

“We have a lot of supply problems along the way, I’m afraid,” Mitchell said. “Many farmers haven’t made many planting decisions because they don’t have access to fertilizer and prices.”

Farm tires for combines and tractors can be tough to find Source link Farm tires for combines and tractors can be tough to find

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