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Bishop, Texas — Vell Johnson is said by friends and family to always help the community. Unfortunately, Bishop’s sorghum, corn and cotton farmer Johnson died about a week ago at the age of 67.

On Saturday, his friends and family gathered to honor his memory by finishing the harvesting work in his cotton field at Bishop. They went out on “semi” or grain trucks and formed the typical “V” in agriculture, but that took a different meaning: the V of Bell, and also the J in Johnson’s field. ..

A friend told the Johnsons that it was a way to show that they were not alone.

Michael Benton, one of Johnson’s lifelong friends, said he and Johnson would go to church together and Johnson would teach his children in Little League, apart from farming together.

“Bell is a great person! I helped him farm and over the years, several times, I helped him like everyone does here. Bishops help each other great It’s a community and he’s one of the communities we helped each other out, “said Michael Benton, one of Johnson’s lifelong friends.

Michael Samora was another friend of Johnson. Samora said Johnson knew his life and was playing in Johnson’s fields because he was eight before he taught him to ride a tractor at the age of ten. fields.

“He had a big heart. He was really great and if you get to know him, he will make you feel like you know him for a long time,” Samora says. rice field.

Bell’s wife, Pam Johnson, said he had been married to him for 45 years, described himself as the farmer’s wife, met at the bishop, and spent his life there. She said she would help him in the fields and grain elevators, cut stocks, and help drive grain trucks.

“One of the things most people say about him was that he was definitely a man in the community. Little League and church stuff, a lot of time to farming. If anyone needs something, He was there to help them, “she said.

She said he had already prepared all the paperwork and documents when he died. She became emotional because she knew how organized he was.

“The good thing about Bell is that he knew there was a heart problem. He left a perfect record that it would probably happen someday. When he died that night, I was at his desk. He sat down and laid out everything for me, “said Pam Johnson.

Bell Johnson took over his father’s vineyard after his father died at the age of 17. His son, Clayton Johnson, said he wants to take over the fields now that his father has died.

“I’m really grateful for everything you do. That makes a lot of sense to us,” said Clayton Johnson.

Farming community in Bishop comes together to honor fallen farmer Source link Farming community in Bishop comes together to honor fallen farmer

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