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Fascination with oxidation? LOVE RUST art show returns to KC – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-22 11:00:07 –

Dan Flu.

Believing rusty, local artist Dan Fru loves him to oxidize. NSThe systematic decomposition of iron has strangely become the medium of Flu’s choice. Frueh says he is attracted to the colors, textures and nuances that change over time. In particular, Blue rust. (Yes, that’s a problem.)20211019 071222

After a year of pandemic, the self-proclaimed “Rustifarian” has an annual LOVERUST urban art show Trap gallery this Friday. A graduate of Kansas City Art Institute and his wife Christine have owned and run the gallery since 2001. Over the years, it has been a safe haven for artists to present their latest rusty work.

“NSThe idea of ​​LOVERUST hatched in 2010. I’m Artist Inc. Throughout the program, I met my fellow rusty Anne Reckling. Both of our artistic passions revolved around rust, so she reached out, “says Fru. “We landed a dual show in Room 39 in Midtown. When we were dropping it, she suggested we do it again.” There is a gallery, what about next year? ” I thought.

Since then, Frueh has met many artists inspired by the beauty of oxidation, and even more rust-loving art lovers. “It has always been the biggest show of the year at The Trap,” says Frueh. “And having it in the fall, the weather is usually ideal for hanging out in galleries and streets. This year’s show is limited to 10 artists and you’ll need a mask while you’re inside. This year’s LOVERUST may be a little different, but the quality of work remains top notch. “20211019 071048

When he isn’t waiting patiently Frueh, a metal for returning to an unrefined state, also does creative and customized carpentry. He says he will work on almost every artistic effort. “”The art school prepared me to take on anything, “he said. “”And as the story progresses, the rust never sleeps. That is where I find beauty in the world. ”

Let’s hope he is up to date on tetanus vaccination.

Friday, October 22
6 pm to 10 pm
Trap Gallery, 525 Gillis Street, Kansas City


Fascination with oxidation? LOVE RUST art show returns to KC Source link Fascination with oxidation? LOVE RUST art show returns to KC

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