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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-05-01 12:56:17 –

Louisville, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Horses may be the centerpiece of the derby day, but fashion isn’t too far away.

Some may wonder where the hat-wearing tradition came from.

Fashion trends are set on track and broken.

This story begins when the derby begins … almost 150 years ago.

Needless to say, we tend to dress a little differently from our daily lives, but it’s a hat-wearing tradition that has become part of going to the derby.

It is a race that started immediately after the Civil War.

Jessica Whitehead, a collection curator at the Kentucky Derby Museum, said: “And, of course, hats were a major part of most everyday ensembles until the late 1960s, so derby hats as’things’ didn’t really appear until they weren’t worn every day. Wearing a hat was a special occasion. “

The hat stuck together and became part of the proper derby outfit threadwork.

“Haute couture is always there, but there are also wild and wacky homes, homemade derby DIY carts, and derby fashion experiences.

Some have set foot in the Kentucky Derby Museum.

“The giant hats from the materials they found found a trash bag of tissue paper here on Derby Day that you know, you won’t find anywhere else,” Whitehead says. It was.

Days when you need another accessory: Mask.

“You need a nice mask, just as you need a nice wallet,” Whitehead said. “Well, it’s just one of the social trends 100 years from now.’As you know, it tells us something about that era. It’s part of the fashion that tells us that. did.” “”
Fashion trends and now health trends that might go that way into history books in a colorful and memorable way.

The mask is either a statement piece or something that race participants are trying to blend into their clothes.

Anyway, this added accessory will soon become a derby that no one will forget.

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