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Fashion e-commerce sites lag behind search visibility

E-commerce became a boom in 2020 as the Covid-19 disrupted traditional in-store retailing. But according to a new report from Searchmetrics, fashion retailers have fallen behind in terms of online search visibility.

Top apparel performers in terms of search visibility included H & M, Asos and Lyst-Pic Jumbo

Inspired by a 44% increase in US e-commerce sales in 2020, a Searchmetrics survey found that Google A ranking of popular e-commerce sites in the country to determine how search visibility has evolved throughout the year.

Generally speaking, traditional retailers are performing worse than their digital-focused peers, especially fashion stores.Department store retail store Macy’sFor example, despite the explosive growth of e-tail, search visibility dropped by more than 20% in 2020.

Indeed, with the Home Depot Target In 2020, search visibility in the United States increased absolutely, ranking 7th and 10th respectively, making the online platform the only retailer focused on the top 10 e-commerce sites.

Overall, the top 10 were dominated by online marketplaces and tech giant sites. Apple Amazon and eBay take the lead. Etsy Verizon concludes the top five, Microsoft Taking 6th place, Nintendo came in 8th place and Audible took 9th place.

Among the apparel retailers, H & M, Asos and Lyst showed the largest growth. However, in absolute terms, H & M search visibility for top apparel performers increased by 61,709, less than half of the absolute increase of 137,706 posted by Target, the last of the top 10 e-commerce platforms.

Searchmetrics also analyzed the evolution of search visibility on UK e-commerce platforms and found that the results were similar to those found in the United States. In the UK Ebay Search visibility has increased to absolute maximum, followed by Apple, Etsy, and Netflix.Health and beauty retailers boots I came in 5th place.

Looking to the future, Searchmetrics has highlighted a variety of priorities to consider in an increasingly crowded and dynamic online market for companies using e-commerce platforms.

In particular, analytics firms note the importance of maintaining competitive pricing, meeting ever-increasing consumer demand for professional services, and achieving competitiveness through a well-defined USP. Prompted.

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Fashion e-commerce sites lag behind search visibility

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