Fashion Psychology: What Do Your Clothes Say About Your Personality

The choices we make each day reveal our character, so our personal style is a key indicator of who we are. Although a person’s appearance may not reveal their true character, some characteristics can still be determined.

Fashion psychology: how to find out the character of a person by their style?

The preference for the style of clothing speaks of a person’s values, what priorities in life a person chooses.

Classic style

Dressing with restraint and strictness: office wear – business suits, evening wear – outfits in restrained colours may give the impression that the individual has an overly strict and conservative personality type. But this is not the case. The classic style of dress says something completely different: that a person prefers to play by the rules that are accepted in their professional and social circle and understands these rules perfectly. Such people easily read sign language, know where ordinary politeness ends and flirting begins. As a result, they master the code of conduct admirably, which gives them pleasure: after all, the one who has learned the rules does not even need to break them – they can easily make rules work for them. And experiments can be allowed in a safe atmosphere of personal space, only with those closest ones.

Feminine style

A plunging neckline or romantic lace, a red dress or a boho outfit – all this emphasizes femininity. If you choose such clothes, always prefer dresses and skirts to trousers, it can be assumed that your clothes are like a frame for a precious stone, which allows you to sparkle brighter female charm. You receive strength from your attractiveness, so feminine clothing is essential for your well-being. Psychologists say that such people are deeply sensual natures for whom all sensations matter.

Eclectic style

Trendy designer clothes, outfits made according to custom sketches, incredible combinations of the incompatible – all this is a choice of bright extraordinary personalities who want to stand out from the faceless crowd. Such people do not like frames and restrictions, because they interfere with expressing individuality. Clothing is becoming one of the main ways of self-expression. Adherents of this original style don’t wear anything for nothing – there is always a reason and a concept. These are creative people who love to invent and experiment, to explore new areas. From the outside, it may seem that they are extroverts, tirelessly energetic and cheerful, but in fact, the basis of the character of such people is deep and restless stability: yes, they love changes, but they are always and in everything true to themselves, their unique personality.

Casual style

Simple, practical, discreet – the ideal formula for casual style. If you choose this style, most likely you value your convenience and time, and you demand functionality from clothes – you will not sacrifice comfort for the sake of attractiveness. Even though clothes can be very simple and discreet, casual is the style of the rebels, it is just that this rebellion does not take place in a demonstrative manner. You have the strength, energy and independence to resolutely reject all social conventions associated with dress. Femininity? You are always ready to show that true femininity has nothing to do with floral prints and bright lipsticks. Individuality? In your actions, it manifests itself brighter than in appearance. Classic? You are confident that elegant and simple Frank and Eileen shirts and chinos will look as chic as a formal business outfit. You have an independent taste, and if you want, you can create an image in any other style, but your personal choice is pragmatism. Because of your democracy, you may seem like a simple and gentle person, but this is not so. You are very demanding of yourself and others, and you never miss the opportunity to remind others that the essence is more important than a form.

Sporty style

Vibrant colours, stretchy materials, trendy sneakers with smart soles, logos and laces all over the place – the sporty style of clothing is gaining popularity not only for sports events but also in everyday looks. People who choose a sporty style are always on the move, they cannot sit still. Such people are confident and even arrogant sometimes. They are purposeful and courageous, always striving to be the first. It may seem that they are frivolous, but the fact is that at heart they remain carefree children. They could well give preference to the eclectic style, but it seems to them too pretentious, and all the others are not spontaneous enough.

Fashion psychology: what does the colour choice say about the character?

The colour of clothing can tell a lot about a person and reveal hidden potential.

Red is associated with energy, drive, saturation, fullness and swiftness. A person whose wardrobe is dominated by red shades is purposeful, courageous, loves to solve complex problems.

If the wardrobe is full of grey tones, it means that people are focused on themselves, they have no desire to impress others and draw attention to their personality. Such a person wants to protect themselves from undue stress or discomfort.

People who prefer blue have a restrained character, they know their worth and do not like fuss.

Are there a lot of green things in your wardrobe? This speaks of the pacification and serenity of a person. This colour is preferred by emotionally stable people with inner harmony and self-control.

If a person prefers white, it means that they are potentially striving for a new life. In addition, white is the colour of emptiness, a kind of neutrality.

Black is considered the colour of closeness. Many people choose it when they want to increase the distance, but this colour also often appears in the looks of strong and charismatic personalities who do not need to prove something to others.

Brown and beige shades speak about poise and calmness. A person who prefers such colours in clothes appreciates material goods and puts them far from last.


People choose clothes according to how they will appear, whether they will look good in colour and shape, and how they can mix them. Some people choose comfortable and discreet things, others follow fashion trends. Some use clothing to show and distinguish themselves from the crowd, others, on the contrary, disguise themselves. By observing the details of clothing, you can learn a lot about yourselves and your companions – you just have to look closely.


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