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Fast fashion still uses too much virgin synthetics-report

I have to do better. According to a report from the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce (RSA), nearly half of the women’s clothing sold by leading UK-based online retailers is still made of entirely new plastic.


Charities are also urging the UK government to consider introducing a plastic tax on garments imported into or produced in the UK.

The survey found 10,000 recently listed products. Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing (PLT), Misplaced ASOS found that on average 49% was made of polyester, acrylic, nylon and elastane.

According to RSA, this number varies by retailer: Boohoo 60%, Boohoo-owned PLT 57%, Missguided 42%, and ASOS 36%.

Pre-published report London fashion week, Fast fashion companies have accused them of “greenwashing” their image with a smaller sustainable range, but most of their products are made of petrochemicals and their use is “reduced to combat climate change.” need to do it”.

According to RSA, most clothing contains synthetic fibers made from fossil fuels, which are harmful to the environment due to emissions and waste. He added that “disposable culture” means “most of these garments are eventually landfilled.”

“These fabrics … form part of the petrochemical economy that is driving runaway climate change and pollution,” said RSA’s Head of Regeneration and Design, “Fast Fashion Plastics Issues.” The author, Josie Warden, said.

“The huge amount of clothing produced on these websites is shocking. Like any other short-lived plastic, you need to see many of these items sold at bottom prices. Fast fashion The nature of the trends is that they live longer in our wardrobe, “Warden added.

According to a survey conducted between May 11th and 29th, the average plastic-containing garment used only 3% of recycled plastics. only 1% of clothing on the PLT website contained recycled materials, 2% in Boohoo, 4% in ASOS and 5% in Missguided.

Researchers have examined over 2,500 recently added items from each website across different product categories.

Paul Smith, Head of Sourcing and Product Technology at Missguided, told the BBC that the company has been “proud of progress” so far, and all its branded products are packed and shipped in 100% recycled plastic. He said he was. “I agree that there is more work to be done.”

“We promised to guarantee that 10% of our products will use recycled fiber by the end of 2021 and 25% by the end of 2022,” the company said.

Meanwhile, ASOS told Reuters that its price wasn’t at the “disposable” level, disagreeing with the report’s description as a fast fashion retailer. He said it designed long-lasting garments and educated customers on extending the life of garments.

Boohoo, who has not yet commented on the report, has announced a “Ready for the Future” strategy that sets an “ambitious” goal of recycling or making all polyester and cotton more sustainable by 2025.

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Fast fashion still uses too much virgin synthetics-report

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