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Father held after 4 California children, grandmother slain | Us World News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-29 20:02:39 –

Lancaster, California (AP) — Los Angeles County Sheriffs said four children, including an infant, and their grandmother were shot dead in a home in southern California, and their father was arrested on suspicion of murder. The bureau said.

The victim was found on Sunday night at a house in the city of Lancaster in the high desert Antelope Valley north of Los Angeles.

Sheriff Lieutenant Brandon Dean told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the child’s mother had found the body and called 911.

Grace Bertrand and his son Gerald, three houses away, awoke to the flashing lights of first responders. Grace Bertrand said, “My baby is gone! They are all dead!” As women move back and forth in the front yard.

A grandmother, a girl, and three boys suffered gunshot wounds on the upper torso, and rescuers declared that all the victims had died on the scene. Authorities did not identify them, did not reveal the age of the child, and stated that one was an infant, the rest were under 12 years old, and the grandmother was in her 50s.

Within minutes of her mother’s arrival at home, her child’s father, Germarcus David, 29, took over as an agent for the Lancaster Security Agency, Dean said.

David was arrested after being interviewed by an investigator and detained on behalf of $ 2 million on bail.

Dean said her grandmother did not live with her family, but was a babysitter. He said he was unaware of previous reports of domestic violence.

It wasn’t immediately clear if David had a lawyer who could speak for him. He was scheduled to make his first appearance at the Antelope Valley Court on Tuesday.

The killings took place near a neat, modern home, some decorated for Christmas. Crime scene tapes blocked access to the streets where the victims were shot.

Investigators on Monday entered and exited a one-story gray house on the corner of the street. Neighbors saw coroner workers load the covered bodies of the victims onto trucks.

Mr. Bertrance said he would go out on a summer afternoon to water the plants and see the children bike around the neighborhood with their dogs. Children greet but do not chat with their neighbors. From time to time, a woman (probably her mother) passed by with a stroller.

“They were like a happy family,” said Grace Bertrand.

More than 12 hours later, Grace Bertrand said she was still in shock.

“Nothing like that happens here,” she said. “It’s really traumatic.”

Gerald Bertrand said he had only met once when David walked towards the car.

Donnel Murray, who lives off a street, said he had seen his grandmother outside while riding an ATV in his neighborhood. He has never seen her grandson. Marie said the woman waved at him and recently asked him about his ATV and mentioned his grandson.

A 32-year-old James Martin, who lives nearby, said death broke his heart.

“I don’t understand that,” he said. “I know things get rough, but it’s never worth taking someone’s life, or life.”


Los Angeles Associated Press author John Anchak and researcher Ronda Schaffner contributed to this report.

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