Fauci warns lack of COVID-19 vaccinations coulld cause virus mutation – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-14 19:19:52 –

(NEXSTAR) – Dr. Anthony Fauci warns on Tuesday Its new COVID-19 Cases far exceed the number of vaccinated Americans needed to delay delta mutations and help prevent potentially more deadly mutations in the virus.

When asked by Mika Bruzenzinski, co-host of Morning Joe, if a delta variant could lead to a “monster” variant, White House infectious disease experts said the virus was actively spread. I agreed that there is a risk as long as I continue to do so.

“One of the reasons we want as many people as possible to be vaccinated is that the virus does not mutate if it does not have the opportunity to spread and replicate.”

Fauci added that current vaccination is being done to prevent future variants.

“I don’t want to see any more variants emerge, because in many ways some of the very positive protection from the vaccine is invalidated.”

COVID-19 deaths and cases in the United States have returned to levels not seen since last winter, eradicating months of progress and supporting President Joe Biden’s drastic claims of new vaccination requirements. There is a possibility.

“In a country of our size, we don’t suffer from 100,000 infections a day. We need to be well below 10,000 before we feel comfortable.” Fauci Told to Axios last week.

Cases caused by delta mutations combined with resistance to vaccination among some Americans are predominantly concentrated in the south.

While former hotspots like Florida and Louisiana are improving, in Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee, infection rates are due to children currently returning to school, relaxed mask restrictions and low levels of vaccination. Is skyrocketing.

Virginia Tech professor Linsey Marr said the biggest surge in summer occurred in low-immunization states, especially in the south, where many people rely on air conditioning and breathe recirculated air. She said the northern states could see a rise as the onset of the cold sent people indoors.

Vaccination rates are not very low in some northern states, but “many people are still unvaccinated. Delta will find them“Mah said.

In the United States, there are an average of more than 1,800 COVID-19 deaths and 170,000 new cases per day, the highest levels since early March and late January, respectively. And both numbers have risen over the last two weeks.

The country is still well below the horrific peak it reached in January. The average number of deaths in January was about 3,400, and the number of cases per day was 250,000.

The United States has been vaccinated about 900,000 times a day, starting from a high of 3.4 million times a day in mid-April. On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration Advisory Board will meet to discuss whether the United States should start giving booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Fauci warns lack of COVID-19 vaccinations coulld cause virus mutation Source link Fauci warns lack of COVID-19 vaccinations coulld cause virus mutation

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