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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-02-22 22:10:10 –

The Fauquier County Board of Education unanimously voted on Monday to extend the hybrid learning program to four-day face-to-face learning.

In November last year, the school board launched a hybrid program that included face-to-face learning two days a week. Some classes had 4 children, others had up to 13 and the rest studied online at home.

“At first there was a little learning curve, but we were able to see some really great work from the kids,” said English teacher Kelsey Howard.

But big changes await.

Superintendent David Jeck said he pushed four days a week for the benefit of his students.

“No matter how good the virtual model is in one place, there is no substitute for direct interaction with the child,” says Jeck.

About 70% of parents say they send their children four days a week, but the superintendent warns that there are trade-offs. With more children in school, the 6-foot distance between desks is no longer possible.

We are not going to settle on not giving much education to virtual students. We know it will be more work.

Fauquier County Teacher

“We need to take mitigation measures and stick to the 3-foot model with the mask,” Jeck said. “We need to be really transparent about it with our parents, which is something they have to consider when making this decision.”

For parents who choose to keep their children home for virtual learning, Jeck said he can “see” the class but may not get much attention on the day he meets in person. ..

“It will be difficult to provide a really robust virtual program, it will be difficult, and we try to discuss that fact openly with our parents,” he said.

Many students share the approval to return four days a week.

Northern Virginia continues to open schools for face-to-face learning, but some parents say their students have different needs. Drew Wilder of News4 reports that parents are considering options.

Steve Greeley, a freshman in high school, said he would go to school for four days, and Priya Com, a freshman, said he liked to meet in person because he could learn and interact with others.

Parent and cancer survivor Natalie Eldsey said she would continue to study her four children at home because safety is her primary concern. She said the latest suggestions could hurt children who stick to virtual learning.

“This is an unfair situation caused by the school board and Dr. Jeck,” Eldsey said.

Teachers are also worried about student and family student inequality.

“We’re not going to settle for less education for virtual students. We know it’s going to be more work,” said one teacher.

With the plan approved, students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5 will begin moving for four days on March 15th, and junior high school students will be set to follow in early April.

Fauquier County School Board Unanimously Votes for 4 Days of In-Person Learning – NBC4 Washington Source link Fauquier County School Board Unanimously Votes for 4 Days of In-Person Learning – NBC4 Washington

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