Favorite car watch for car lovers


Like a car, a watch is a mechanically accurate fashion statement. Rather than worrying about what Tom Hanks wore in Oscar, Gearhead pays attention to what’s on his favorite driver’s wrist. Jackie Stewart, Lewis Hamilton, And the rest.Indeed, the popularity and acquisition of press race drivers helped create the genre of Automotive clock..

Whether you want to take advantage of the racing features from your watch or just make it look like you know what you’re talking about, there are plenty of car watches to choose from. Chronograph If you want to check your lap times in the old fashioned way, it’s a timed watch. Other watches are styled with the automobile tradition in mind.

No matter what you choose, rest assured that you’ve taken the next step into the world of car enthusiasts with a new shiny watch on your wrist. Here are five of our favorite car watches.

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G-SHOCK GA140-1A4 Black One Size


$ 94.90

Every G-SHOCK does a great job of packing a lot of features and Doohicky into a tough and sturdy watch. We love this example because of its stunning 1990s style face and retro dial. It also has a speed indicator that calculates the speed based on the elapsed time and distance of the specified stopwatch. Do you have a vehicle speed meter? no problem.


This Seiko chronograph is a great entry-level piece for car enthusiasts. With a diameter of 40 mm and an accurate quartz movement inside, various timing features are a fun way to track these lap times. The bang of this watch for your money is invincible.

New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)-Graphite Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band


$ 699.00

$ 599.00 (14% off)

Apple Watch has many advantages over traditional watches. Add Apple CarPlay to your mix for the perfect driving watch on your wrist. Cars with Apple CarPlay integrated display information directly from your Apple Watch without having to hold your smartphone over while driving. This is by no means a good idea.

Analog display watch

This watch is like a wrist stopwatch. With a slowback design and large buttons on the top instead of the sides, this scuderia is a great retro style choice. And because it’s made in Switzerland, you know it’s a high quality piece.

Copper State 1000

Autodromo manufactures excellent automotive watches. It’s hard to choose just one. However, this work pays homage to the Copperstate 1000 30th Anniversary, one of North America’s most prestigious vintage car rallies. The polished copper face looks great.


Monaco is one of the most legendary watches in the automotive industry. This particular piece is a reincarnation of the example worn by Steve McQueen. (Okay, It Steve. The 39 mm diameter is accentuated by a stunning sunburst blue dial and sharp red hands.

Cosmograph Daytona

This is the pinnacle of automotive watches, and the price proves it. It’s never cheap, and the line to get it isn’t just for humans, but do it when you get the chance to own it. It was worn by racing driver and actor Paul Newman in Daytona and solidified by watch tradition.

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Favorite car watch for car lovers

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