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FBI adds ‘Cryptoqueen’ Ruja Ignatova to 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-07-01 19:20:29 –

For the 11th time in 72 years of history, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has added to its most important nomination list a woman accused of defrauding more than $ 4 billion in investors through crypto companies.

Luja Ignatova, also known as the “Crypto Queen,” was added to the agency’s list of 10 wanted fugitives on Thursday.

Ignatova is the only woman currently on the list.

According to the FBI, Ignatova co-founded OneCoin in 2014 and was advertised as a “bitcoin killer.”

According to investigators, the 42-year-old company may not fully understand the inside and outside of cryptocurrencies, marketing Bulgarian-based companies through MLM, calling on investors to donate billions of dollars. Preyed on people. She was impressed with her resume and her company’s marketing strategy, the agency said in a press release.

“OneCoin claimed to have a private blockchain,” said Special Agent Ronald Simco. “This is in contrast to other cryptocurrencies with decentralized public blockchains. In this case, investors were asked to trust OneCoin.”

On October 12, 2017, a federal warrant was issued for her arrest.

Authorities said Ignatova may have been informed that US and international authorities are investigating her. She was last seen on October 25, 2017, after traveling from Sofia, Bulgaria to Athens, Greece.

According to the FBI, in February 2018 she was charged with one count each for wire fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, and securities fraud.

The FBI has provided up to $ 100,000 incentives for information that could lead to the arrest of Ignatova.

FBI adds ‘Cryptoqueen’ Ruja Ignatova to 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list Source link FBI adds ‘Cryptoqueen’ Ruja Ignatova to 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list

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