FBI arrests Auburn couple after 11-day manhunt – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2022-05-13 14:11:00 –

After an 11-day escape from the law, Auburn couple Bernard Ross Hansen and Diane Lenny Eldman were arrested by the FBI on May 10.

Hansen was the former president and chief executive officer of Northwest Territory Mentha (NWTM), a bankrupt company dealing with precious metals, and Eldman was the company’s vault manager. Northwest Territorial Mint had offices in Auburn and the Federal Way.

Hansen and Eldman were convicted of dozens of charges resulting from the Ponzi scheme they adopted and scammed the company’s customers for millions of dollars. When they did not appear in court on April 29, the judge issued their arrest warrant.

Before being arrested, the couple was last seen on May 1st and left the Federal Way hotel.

The FBI caught up with the pair and its corgi at a motel in Port Hadrock, Washington on the afternoon of May 10, according to a Seattle FBI spokesman.

Hansen and Eldman exchanged their car license plates and used fake names to check in at the motel, an FBI spokesman said.

According to the Department of Justice, during the operation of NWTM, Hansen and Eldman used their customers’ gold or silver bullions to expand their business to other states and pay personal expenses. According to the Justice Department, Hansen and Eldman then used the money of new customers to repay the old customers they stole.

“In total, more than 2,500 customers paid orders, sold or exchanged bullions, but were neither fulfilled nor refunded,” the Justice Department said. “The total loss of these customers was over $ 25 million.”

FBI arrests Auburn couple after 11-day manhunt Source link FBI arrests Auburn couple after 11-day manhunt

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