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FBI searches home of Gabby Petito fiancé Brian Laundrie | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-09-20 10:34:00 –

Now, the case moves on to search for her fiancé, Brian Laundry. He returned to Florida without her earlier this month, refused to talk to investigators, and went missing last week. His search was concentrated in a nature reserve near his home, but Northport police said they had shifted their focus on Monday.

“At this point, we now believe that we have run out of all means to search the site,” said Northport Police spokesman Josh Taylor.

Police and FBI agents surrounded and entered Laundry’s house in Northport on Monday morning.

Petito and Laundrie were on a road trip to the western United States in a white van this summer. During that time, I regularly posted photos and stories on social media pages with the hashtag #vanlife.

However, these posts suddenly stopped in late August. According to police, Laundry returned with a van to his home in Northport, Florida, but there was no petite on September 1. Petit’s family reported that she went missing on September 11. Since then, her story has become and spurred on by the national attachment of many. Digital detective combing Through their online trails to resolve the case.

Officials said a human remains were found on Sunday when authorities surveyed the area around the Spread Creek decentralized campsite in the Bridger-Teton National Forest at the eastern end of Grand Teton National Park. Dr. Brent Blue, a coroner in Teton County, Wyoming, told CNN that an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Charles Jones, senior resident agent overseeing the FBI Denver in Wyoming, said Petit’s family was notified of the discovery but needed a full forensic ID to confirm that it was her. I said it would be. Authorities also needed to identify the cause of death, he said.

Jones said at a press conference on Sunday that the area around Spread Creek Campground would remain open until further notice, and authorities would tell Petit, Laundry, or anyone who might have seen the vehicle they were driving in. He said he continued to seek chips.

Petit’s father, Joseph Petit, Tweeted her photo “She touched the world,” she said on Sunday evening.

Joseph Petit and her mother, Nicole Schmid’s leading lawyer, Richard Stafford, CNN Affiliate WABC Ask your family to give you space.

Laundry lawyer Stephen Bertolino called the discovery of the body in Wyoming “painful,” adding that “the laundry is praying for Gabby and her family.”

Laundry’s sister also issued a statement to ABC News praising Petit for her relationship with Laundry’s nephew.

In a statement, Kathy Laundry said, “Gabby had a fun and affectionate impact on the’boys’, as she always mentioned them. We value the time we spend with her. I will do it. “

Laundry search

Meanwhile, Laundry has avoided authorities after returning to Florida and is now missing.

Police visited Laundrie’s family’s home after Petito was reported missing, but Laundrie’s family refused to speak and instead provided authorities with lawyer information, police said last week. ..

Their home was searched on Friday night after the laundromat family told police they hadn’t seen him for days. He left home with his backpack on Tuesday, Local nature reserve, Police spokesman Taylor said Saturday.

Over the weekend, federal and local authorities searched for laundry in the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, police said. The search was interrupted on Sunday night, “nothing to report,” Northport police said. On twitter..

Taylor said at a press conference at the search site on Saturday that the search activities included the use of drones and bloodhounds to scent using coin laundry clothing brought back from home. Police initially focused their searches on approximately 200 acres of nearby parks before expanding to the rest of the reserve.

The laundromat doesn’t want crime, officials said.

Petito and Laundrie were on an expedition to a national park

Petit was believed to have been in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, when the family last contacted her. Northport police said.

Northport Police Chief Todd Garrison said last week that the two began a road trip in June with plans to visit a state national park in the western United States.

She said she was excited to share her journey with her family and others on social media.

“She was in regular contact with her family during the trip, but that contact suddenly stopped around the end of August,” the police chief added.

Police met the couple in Moab, Utah, on August 12, and police described them as “engaged in some sort of quarrel.”

The two were described as being involved in a physical conflict following a quarrel, but “both men and women were charged with crime because they were engaged in falling in love and getting married. I reported that I didn’t want to see it, “said Eric Pratt, a report from an executive.

At the police’s suggestion, the couple broke up for the night, the report said, which described Petit as “confused and emotional.”

“As a result of assessing the situation as a whole, I don’t think the situation has expanded to the level of domestic violence as much as the mental health crisis,” a police report said. There was no charge.

On August 24, Petito Face Timed told her that she would leave Utah for the Teton Mountains in Wyoming with her mother, Stafford said.

In the next three days, Petit and her mother exchanged texts, he said. According to Stafford, they received the final message on August 30 that “there is no service in Yosemite,” but her family suspects she wrote it.

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