FBI subpoenas Republican Arizona Senate president’s records in Trump investigation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-07-02 01:41:00 –

Phoenix >> FBI agents investigating the events surrounding former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election defeat, Arizona Senator Karen Fann summarized a review that distrusted the election Was crushed.

Senator spokeswoman Kin Kintero confirmed that Kelly Townsend, a second Republican senator who actively promoted the lies that Trump had lost due to fraud, also received a summons last week.

The FBI’s actions are part of a recent series of activities by the Justice Department, as they seek information from those involved in efforts to undermine the credibility of the 2020 election results. This is separate from Congress’s investigation into the Capitol Rebellion.

Fans said on Friday that virtually all her email and text message communications have already been published. This is due to a request for records and proceedings by the news media group and American Oversight, and the surveillance group that has sought records related to the “audit” of Senate elections has become the most populous county in the state.

“I’m sure everything they want is already there,” fans said in an interview on Friday. “I told him,” What do you know, I’ve been FOIA almost every week for 18 months, so I don’t think there’s anything left that no one has seen yet. FOIA is an acronym for the Freedom of Information Act.

Fans said last week an FBI agent called her and tried to interview her about contact with more than 12 people, but she said she had to submit a request to him in writing.

According to Mr. Huang, the subpoena was summoned on June 22 and accepted by a Senate lawyer. It testified before Republican Speaker Russell Bowers investigated the attack on the Capitol in front of the Parliamentary Commission about Trump’s efforts to hire Trump on behalf of the Arizona voters who committed to Joe Biden. It was the next day.

Fans refused to identify the person listed on the subpoena or provide other details, and said the subpoena instructed her not to discuss its content.

On the same day that fans served, federal agents searched the home of Jeffrey Clark, a former Justice Department chief known for defending Trump’s fraudulent allegations. Nevada and Georgia leaders have also received summons, saying they ran for President Joe Biden and said that Trump’s allies had created a slate of “alternative voters” aimed at overturning the vote. Republicans from two states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, also revealed that they had been interviewed by the FBI.

Arizona Republicans have also submitted fake voter slate, and the January 6 committee is seeking a GOP nomination for the Secretary of State, Arizona’s chief election officer, with state Republican chairman Kelli Ward and the state legislature. I asked Congressman Mark Finchem for information.

Fans said she cooperated fully and believed that the Justice Department was trying to get information from everyone involved in Trump’s efforts, no matter how harmless.

She consistently states that Senate audits are not part of any effort to overturn the elections, but a way to determine if the Republican-raised questions about the elections were justified. ..

“So everyone,” she said. “And the mere fact that I was the chairman of the Senate and the Senate Caucus ordered an audit to answer the questions of our members, and therefore whether I am in compliance with our law.”

Fans hired an inexperienced consultant to carry out what she characterized as a “court audit” of the 2020 elections in Maricopa County, including the Phoenix area. This review promotes his false story about fraud and supports President Joe Biden’s victory in the county, but Trump supporters have created a report that raises allegations of distrust of fraud. Led by.

FBI subpoenas Republican Arizona Senate president’s records in Trump investigation Source link FBI subpoenas Republican Arizona Senate president’s records in Trump investigation

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