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Tampa, Florida 2022-06-29 10:30:35 –

Federal Communications Commission Trump Appointment Officer said he wants to remove TikTok from the app store because of security concerns.

The statement was issued two years after President Donald Trump tried to block access to the app in the United States because of safety concerns.

TikTok is a popular video sharing platform used by millions of individuals, including politicians and celebrities.

Brendan Kerr posted a letter sent to Apple and Google, claiming that the Chinese ruling party had user data.

“TikTok doesn’t look like it’s on the surface. It’s not an app for sharing funny videos or memes. It’s sheep clothes,” he said in a letter. “The core TikTok acts as an advanced monitoring tool for collecting large amounts of personal and sensitive data.”

Carr claims that the data goes beyond video.

“We collected search and browsing history, keystroke patterns, biometric identifiers, draft messages, metadata, as well as text, images, and videos stored on the device’s clipboard,” he writes.

Shortly after Trump tried to block access to TikTok in the United States in 2020, TikTok reached an agreement with Oracle to retain data about US users in the United States.

Albert Calamug, head of TikTok’s US security public policy, sought to alleviate privacy concerns.

“For over a year, we’ve been working with Oracle on several steps this month as part of a commercial relationship to better secure the security of apps, systems, and user data in the United States,” he said. I mentioned at the beginning. “We have reached a significant milestone in this work. We have changed the default storage location for US user data. Currently, 100% of US user traffic is routed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It is still in the US and Singapore. I’m using a data center for backups, but as I continue to work, I plan to remove private data from US users from my data center and completely migrate to an Oracle cloud server in the US. “

But this statement is not enough for the car.

“TikTok’s recent statement to move US user data to an Oracle server in the US does not address the concerns raised here,” Carr wrote. “TikTok has long claimed that US user data is stored on US servers, but these expressions did not provide protection for data accessed from Beijing. In fact,” 100% of US user traffic is routed to Oracle, “the TikTok statement says nothing about where that data can be accessed. “

Carr is asking Apple and Google to respond by removing TikTok from the app store by July 8th or by explaining that the app does not violate the policy.

Carr is one of the four members currently in the FCC.

FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from Apple, Google stores Source link FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from Apple, Google stores

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