FCC proposes further restrictions on Chinese telecommunications equipment

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission proposed further restrictions on the purchase of telecommunications equipment that poses a national security risk, increasing opposition to Chinese providers of 5G wireless and other technologies.

The FCC unanimously decided to consider a proposal to ban all future purchases of telecommunications equipment from companies such as Huawei and ZTE in China.He also suggested that the agency consider revoking the pre-approval of equipment purchase from the list. 5 companies considered a threat For national security.

Government actions show a bipartisan push in Washington to defeat China’s base in parts of its telecommunications and technology supply chain.President Biden has continued the Trump administration’s strict stance on China’s use of government-connected tech companies Monitor your own people It also demonstrates leadership in cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and automated manufacturing and operation.

Proposals have started a longer process, including public comments and final voting.Local telecommunications companies that have relied on providers like ZTE for wireless technology Protested the restrictions..

Jessica Rosenwessel, acting chairman of the FCC, said the proposal was aimed at protecting the US network.

“Insecure network equipment could undermine the future of our 5G and provide foreign stakeholders with access to our communications,” she said. “This could mean the ability to inject viruses and malware into network traffic, steal personal data, participate in intellectual property theft, and monitor businesses and government agencies.”

Huawei criticized the agency’s proposal.

“Blocking the purchase of equipment based on” predictive judgment “related to the country of origin or brand has no merit or discrimination and does nothing to protect the integrity of the US telecommunications network or supply chain. “A Huawei representative said.

Authorities will begin to take public comments on the proposal and then, perhaps within a few weeks, go to the four members for final voting. A majority of votes are required to pass and are expected to gain unanimous support.

FCC proposes further restrictions on Chinese telecommunications equipment

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