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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-11 11:07:11 –

Washington — Johnson & Johnson states that US health officials have extended the expiration date of the COVID-19 vaccine by six weeks.

The drug company said Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration approved a shelf life of four and a half months for a single-dose shot.

The decision will be made in a few days The Wall Street Journal Millions of vaccines have been reported to expire in the coming weeks.Following the report, White House COVID-19 Response Team Advisor Andy Slavit said Regulators were considering opportunities for “continuous storage.”

State officials recently warned that millions of doses would reach their original three-month expiration date by the end of June. Dose stockpiles were developed earlier this year when drug use was temporarily suspended while authorities were evaluating reports of blood clotting.

Both CDC and FDA The benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risks After an 11-day pause. However, the outage has resulted in more supply than demand in some states.

Earlier this week, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said his state had been vaccinated with 200,000 J & J vaccines. Set to expire June 23rd.

“It’s time to act,” DeWine said. “We encourage Ohio residents who have been waiting to be vaccinated to take action now. There are many opportunities to vaccinate throughout the state. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is one of those options. Safety Effective and requires only one shot. In just two weeks, you may be protected from this virus. Vaccination is the fastest way to get out of the pandemic and we It’s the fastest way to get back to the life you remember. “

Vaccine expiration is based on information from pharmaceutical companies about how long shots stay at the right intensity. Regulators are considering these dates as companies continue to test batches.

Extensions will be made as the number of vaccinations in the United States continues to decline. Although 64% of Americans are fully vaccinated, Bloomberg The number of daily vaccinations given by the United States reports that it has been steadily declining since mid-April.

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