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Boston, Massachusetts 2022-06-23 11:01:08 –

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration has ordered from the market all vaping products made by the controversial company Juul, the agency announced Thursday morning — but why you might expect Not for.

The FDA is pulling Juul products out of the market not because of its historical appeal to young people, but because of its toxicological data and “potentially harmful chemicals leaching out of its own electronic liquid pods.” It is said that it is because of the risk.

This move is the most important action the FDA has taken against major tobacco companies to date and could bring disaster to the Juul brand.


In a press release, the FDA warned that Juul would have to stop selling all its products and withdraw its current products from “or risk enforcement”. However, this decision will almost certainly be challenged in court.

Juul did not immediately respond to the request for comment.


The move is likely to be praised by tobacco control advocates and members of the House who have accused Juul of the recent increase in youth tobacco use. However, it is unclear how pulling Juul away from the market will actually affect the incidence of e-cigarettes in young people.

An annual survey of young tobacco users conducted by the CDC found that Juul’s popularity among young people has declined in recent years. The majority of young vapers said in 2019 that Juul is their favorite brand, but 2021 survey data show that Juul is the fourth most popular brand among teens. Shows that it is far behind its also controversial competitor, Puff Bar.

The FDA’s actions against Juul are particularly striking as it is a departure from the FDA’s previous decision to keep some of the company’s major competitors on the market. For example, in April the FDA decided to allow NJOY to continue selling tobacco-flavored products.

The FDA’s decision to pick Juul seems to focus primarily on concerns about the company’s toxicological data.

“Some of the company’s findings raised concerns because of inadequate and inconsistent data, including data on genetic toxicity and potentially harmful chemicals leaching out of the company’s own electronic liquid pods. One of the products specified in the company’s application that was not properly addressed and prevented the FDA from completing a complete toxicological risk assessment, “the FDA wrote.

However, officials added, “The FDA has not received any clinical information suggesting imminent risk associated with the use of JUUL devices or JUUL pods.”

FDA orders Juul e-cigarettes off the market in the U.S. Source link FDA orders Juul e-cigarettes off the market in the U.S.

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