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Portland, Oregon 2022-05-13 17:42:24 –

(NEXSTAR) — On Friday, the US Department of Health and Human Services Fact Sheets: Help families find formulas when they are short of formulas for babiesProvides resources to families looking for formulas in the area.

Supply chain problems, labor shortages, and shortages caused by recalls were exacerbated after the manufacturer’s Abbott Nutrition closed in the wake of the deaths of two babies. Abbott states that there is no link between death and its prescription, and production will resume “within two weeks”, awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The official resource page contains hotlines to manufacturers such as Gerber and Abbott, as well as organizations such as United Way and Feeding America.

Pressure has been putting pressure on the Biden administration in recent weeks to address this issue. Joe Biden met with retailers and manufacturers on Thursday to discuss increased distribution. According to HHS, manufacturers are increasing production by up to 50% and other measures are currently underway, such as cracking down on price cuts.

The deficiency has led to concerns that desperate parents will dilute or create their own formulas, neither of which is recommended. Social media posts are distributed as recommendations for homemade formula recipes using items such as evaporated milk and caro syrup.

Dr. Catherine Mims of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital told Nexstar KFOR These types of recipes were common 40 or 50 years ago due to the lack of options. In addition, Mimus said these formulations can be dangerous to babies.

“The problem with condensed milk and recipes is the balance of electrolytes and the balance of water,” Mims said. “Unfortunately, babies under 6 months old have very immature kidneys and can’t handle water well, so don’t give your baby free water. When writing this recipe, If you make a mistake, it can cause many problems with your baby’s electrolyte balance. ”

Retailers, on the other hand, are forced to impose purchase restrictions on consumables when they are in stock and if they are in stock.

Both at the beginning of this week CVS and Walgreens have begun to cap the purchase of infant formula 3 formula products per transaction. The Wall Street Journal It also reports that both Target and Kroger are limiting online sales.

Federal baby formula help website launched amid shortage Source link Federal baby formula help website launched amid shortage

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