Federal Court Unblocks Trump Policy Expulsion of Immigrant Children At Border

Washington-Friday’s Federal Court of Appeals puts pressure on the Biden administration to lift the Trump era policy of rapidly alienating migrant children as a public health risk and restore the asylum process at the southwestern border. It was.

March, Trump administration Effectively blockade borders From asylum seekers, citing the threat of coronavirus.The latest ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has been overturned. Lower court ruling From November, expulsion of thousands of children without the opportunity to evaluate protection claims Public health emergency rules.. President Donald J. Trump has used the rules of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to authorize border guards to quickly return immigrants to Mexico or their home countries.

Homeland Security spokeswoman Ruth Clemens did not answer the question on Friday as to whether the expulsion would resume soon. She instead issued a statement to postpone to the Department of Justice, but it did not return a request for comment.

President Biden said during his candidacy that he would enact more “humanitarian policies” at the border, but his administration did not publicly state how to handle the rules of a pandemic emergency. The Trump administration argued that rules were needed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in detention facilities.

Biden said last month that it was likely that a “next six months” would be needed to prevent a plunge into the southwestern border, apparently easing many of the Trump administration’s promises to withdraw its border policies. .. But the prospect of agents moving children away at the border again could renew pressure on the new administration.

“There is no reason for the Biden administration to send young children back,” said Lee Gelernt, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union. “This stay now presents an immediate decision to the Biden administration.”

Gerelund said the policy may not be applied to children at its discretion, even if the administration does not immediately lift the restrictions.

The three judges on the panel were all appointed by Mr. Trump, but did not elaborate on the reasons for the reversal in a two-page order. Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia, who appointed President Bill Clinton, said in November that the order allowed authorities to prevent foreigners from “invading” the United States. He said he did not stop. Justify the rapid alienation of children normally placed in shelters while they are listening to evacuation claims. The federal government continues to apply this policy to immigrant adults.

According to data from the Customs and Border Protection, the Trump administration used the rule to expel about 200,000 migrants in the fiscal year ending September 30. According to the ACLU, more than 13,000 of these migrants were children traveling alone.

Wendy Young, president of the Kids in Need of Defense, an advocacy group for migrant children, said top healthcare professionals criticized the policy and Biden promised to “respect science” in responding to the pandemic. Stated.

The rules for expulsion of migrants at the border “contrary to this approach, endangering children and other vulnerable people and increasing the risk of trafficking, violence and persecution,” Young said.National health authorities Written earlier “There was no public health basis for denying individuals based on their legal status,” he told the Trump administration.

In the last few weeks of President Trump, his best immigration officials held events nationwide warning If Mr Biden lifts his predecessor’s restrictions, border crossings will increase.Homeland Security officials often pointed out the CDC emergency declaration as a legitimate reason for expelling migrants, but the rules Pushed before the pandemic The White House, especially Stephen Miller, a hardliner of the White House immigrants, to reduce immigration at the border.

Biden administration has tried to prevent There is a possibility that migration will increase, showing movement even before Mr. Biden took office.

Susan Rice, director of the National Policy Council, told the Spanish news agency EFE in December that immigrants were “totally selling people in the region who were selling the idea that the border was suddenly wide open and could handle everyone. Don’t believe it. ” On the first day. “

Biden added that an immediate change in Mr. Trump’s policy would be “the last thing we need” because there could be “2 million people on the border.”

Mr. Biden Extensive immigration agendaAnnounced plans to give 11 million undocumented migrants the opportunity to become citizens in just eight years, stopped construction of Mr. Trump’s border wall, and migrants while the asylum case was being processed Suspended the policy of keeping people waiting in Mexico.

However, the president has not yet announced plans on how to resume the proceedings of immigrants stuck in Mexico.

Mr Biden is also already facing a backlash against his immigration agenda. This week, a federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked the suspension of Mr. Biden’s deportation. The judge, Drew B. Tipton, was also appointed by Mr. Trump.

Federal Court Unblocks Trump Policy Expulsion of Immigrant Children At Border

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