Federal government sues owner of “Tiger King Park” for “insufficient” care of endangered animals

The Justice Department ran an unlicensed exhibition park with endangered animals on Thursday in the eastern Oklahoma district against the couple team Jeff and Lauren Rowe, who were featured in the popular documentary series Tiger King. I filed a civil suit.

DOJ with him in a lawsuit after Jeff Roe’s USDA license was suspended for “inappropriate” and “inappropriate” care and handling of animals protected by the Endangered Species Act in August. His wife, Lauren, evades federal oversight of currently unlicensed facilities.

Loews has long operated the Greater Winwood Exotic Animal Park in Winwood, Oklahoma. The park was owned by Joseph Malda Nad Passage, formerly known as “Tiger King” star “Joe Exotic”. However, the USDA suspended exhibitor licenses under Jeffrey’s Animal Welfare Act in August after inspectors witnessed violations such as malnutrition of animals, failure to ensure hygiene, and improper maintenance of enclosures. did.

Federal lawyers say Loews has bypassed a federal inspection of the new 33-acre land in the countryside of Thackerville, Oklahoma, known as “Tiger King Park.” According to the DOJ, the “Tiger King Park” has housed endangered animals without proper permission.

The aerial photograph that the investigator says is the new “Tiger King Park”.

Handouts / US Federal Prosecutor’s Office

Federal investigators say the Loews-run roadside zoo can display 100-200 animals, including endangered species-protected animals such as tigers, lions, grizzly bears, and ring-tailed lemurs. Claims to have sex.

“The government does not have information on facility regulations regarding water supply or waste treatment at the facility,” the Justice Department said. “Based on information and belief, the facility does not have municipal water and sewage services.”

“Loews has put together a record of improper and inhumane treatment of animals,” said the investigator, when Jeff Rowe was licensed and examined at the Winwood facility.

“Loews animals suffer and continue to suffer from conditions that can be easily prevented or treated, which in some cases caused premature death of the animals,” the complaint said. “Sure, many animals haven’t been seen or treated by veterinarians in the last two years.”

In one example, an inspector said he saw a lion cub named Nara who was not properly cared for by Loews and eventually developed metabolic bone disease. This is a condition of bone weakness caused by a calcium-deficient diet. According to inspectors, in March, after ingesting a broken plastic toy left in the enclosure, the cub needed surgery, and a veterinary hospital discovered she had a whipworm during her visit. did.

According to the USDA report, Nara is “lethargic, depressed, thin, and does not get up from the mud from a sitting position, even after urging.” Loews was ordered by a veterinarian to receive immediate treatment for Nara, but the government says they falsely claimed they had an appointment already planned.

“Nara suffers from a painful and potentially life-threatening condition because Loews failed to provide adequate nutrition and care,” the complaint said.

Two images of oak provided by the US Federal Attorney’s Office.

Handouts / US Federal Prosecutor’s Office

Since moving the location to Thackerville, court documents show how Loews has used platform cameos to showcase their animals at the new facility. According to the Justice Department, Lauren Rowe was seen with lions and tigers on the paid subscription site OnlyFans.

In March 2018, Rowe claimed that he had “distracted, distracted, and learned a lot about using smoke and mirrors in the last few years,” and said, “If you lose the proceeding, rename it and another Just open the animals. According to the complaint, if you are doing business elsewhere, we all have multiple USDA licenses available.

“Loews’ failure to provide animals with basic veterinary care, proper diet and safe living conditions does not meet the standards required by both Animal Welfare and Endangered Species Acts,” he said. Jonathan D. Brightville, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Department of Justice, said in a statement the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Department of Justice. “Exhibitors cannot circumvent the law simply by closing the USDA and moving animals elsewhere.”

The government is asking courts to hand over certain animals to the United States, allow immediate federal inspection of Thackerville facilities, and ban Loews from displaying animals directly or online. Loews Attorney is not yet registered.

Complaints occur almost a year after the release of Netflix’s documentary series. This series has pushed the story of big cat ownership into national popular culture.

Federal government sues owner of “Tiger King Park” for “insufficient” care of endangered animals

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