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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — When it’s suitable for entering a burning building, the last thing to worry about is the equipment. Thanks to the $ 5 million federal grant, that’s one less problem for the Tucson Fire Department.

Barrett Baker, Tucson Fire Commander-in-Chief, said: I work every day and feel supported. “

In 2020 alone, the department responded to 661 building fires. This is a sharp increase from the last few years and has forced us to apply for a grant.

“We really need this. Here’s the opportunity to get it without burdening taxpayers,” said Tucson Fire Chief Chuck Ryan.

Some of that money will bring in 13 new firefighters.

“This will help it because we need to be able to give people a break. It’s not perfect, but it’s the beginning,” Ryan said.

Another part of that money is directed to security. The chief says he plans to replace the worn-out air compressor in the department used to fill the air pack.

“They are probably the most important part of our personal protection ensemble,” Ryan said.

With more firefighters and better equipment, the chief says response times can be improved. The goal is to arrive within 6 minutes for a medical phone and within 4 minutes for a fire.

“We’re beyond where we should be. We can do better. Most of the time we get there, but not always.”

And every minute, it’s important for those in need.

“Even a little savings can really save a lot for someone else.”


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Federal grants allow Tucson Fire to respond faster Source link Federal grants allow Tucson Fire to respond faster

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