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Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV)-Families and loved ones from Tennessee to Latin America were devastated when they learned that their loved ones’ bodies weren’t buried the way they wanted.

Currently, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance is investigating several complaints. Federal proceedings have also been filed.

The cemetery near the Ashland City Highway is home to Julio Alonzo’s last resting place.

“He died in 2019, and the sad thing about this is that he was killed in Kentucky,” said lawyer John Morris.

Morris told News 4 that Alonzo was to be cremated. His family expected his body to be sent home more than 2,300 miles to Guatemala. The last farewell that never happened.

It’s tragic. So it’s very tragic. And all I can say is that, as you know, it is irresponsible to handle such bodies, “Morris said.

Morris and his legal team investigated for months trying to track Alonzo’s tomb, but found him lying in Pauper’s tomb next to Jane Doe and other unknown tombs.

Sadly, Morris isn’t the only one investigating.

The other is Arold Crisus Tomo Hernandez.

Hernandez, who also died in 2019, was to be sent back to a family in rural Guatemala, according to a federal proceeding in court.

According to the proceedings, a family friend paid $ 4,000 in cash to a formerly licensed preservative, Reed Van Ness, on behalf of Hernandez’s father to bring Hernandez’s body home.

However, the proceedings allege that months have passed and Hernandez’s body has not arrived.

The proceedings allege that no matter how many times family and friends called Van Ness, they could not get a concrete answer about the whereabouts of Hernandez’s body.

According to legal documents, Vannes operated at both the Nelson and Sons Memorial Chapel and the Sadler Funeral Home and Cremation Services.

“And when we started investigating this and the board was involved in investigating it, the first investigation found 15 bodies between the two funeral halls. It was like timber in the back room. It was stored in, “Morris said.

After requesting camera interviews many times, Vannes agreed to talk to us over the phone. We first asked Van Ness about Julio Alonzo’s body.

“After the cremation was allowed, there were all the documents to ship whatever the funeral hall wanted to do, and the funeral hall refused to tell me what they did,” Vannes said. ..

I also asked about Freddie Hernandez.

“A lot of things were happening at the time. One of the biggest was related to space and transportation. He died at a limited time,” Vannes said. ..

After a long battle, Hernandez’s body was finally sent home seven months after his death.

As for Alonzo’s body, the question remains whether he will be sent home or stay here in Tennessee.

“I’m glad I finally found Mr. Alonzo’s body. At least we can give his family something like a closure. But you know, at this point they are his body. Without something extreme like digging, the remains would never be returned home, “Morris said.

News4 has contacted both funeral halls. Both said their lawyer was handling the situation.

News4 left a message to Sadler’s lawyer, and we are waiting for a reply. Nelson and his son’s lawyer also asked, but they didn’t tell us their names.

The Department of Commerce and Insurance has issued the following statement:

“Alex Martin, Deputy Director of the Regulatory Commission, and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance have sincere condolences to the families of those affected by this unfortunate situation, despite the possibility of being abroad. We are currently investigating three complaints related to this matter. Whether you are native to English or not, you may feel that your licensee has mistreated you or your license. We encourage all consumers who are aware of any or illegal activity to immediately file a complaint with the team. “

The Department of Commerce and Insurance told News 4 that Van Ness had relinquished his funeral license.

Director and preservative. The letter has also been sent to consulates in several countries, including Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. I’m with you on the go! Get the latest news updates and videos, 4WARN weather forecasts, weather radar, special research reports, sports headlines and more from News4 Nashville.

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