Feds seeking 25 years for Derek Chauvin for civil rights violations

2022-06-23 17:48:47 –

Federal prosecutors have sought 25 years’ imprisonment with former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the 2020 killing of George Floyd and the previous abuse of a 14-year-old boy.

Prosecutors alleged that a former veteran trainer showed a pattern of “cold-blooded” behavior, leading to the killing of Floyd and the injury of a child who shouted in horror, in a memo outlining why the Justice Department sought the ruling. did. pain.

“In both cases, the defendant should not be able to recognize or be reluctant to recognize the humanity of the people under his knees, no matter how completely the people are, after minutes. I saw. Under him, no matter how much their pain and horror screams suffered, they obeyed. “

US Regional Senior Judge Paul Magnuson has not yet set a Chauvin decision date. Admit sin Two counts of civil rights infringement in the December case last year. Three of Chauvin’s former colleagues, J. Alexander Cuen, Thomas Lane, and Toh Sao, meanwhile, have assisted Chauvin by deadly detaining Floyd and are awaiting federal and state trials on suspicion of beating.

Chauvin’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

According to his judicial transaction, both Chauvin’s lawyer Eric Nelson and the government agreed that a 20-25 year sentence would be appropriate. Will be offered at the same time as 22 1⁄ ⁄2 Chauvin has been sentenced to imprisonment after being convicted of murder by a state jury a year ago. The government had previously stated that it would require Chauvin for 25 years. This week’s memo outlines the discussion for doing so.

Federal prosecutors said this week that they wanted a longer sentence than what was imposed at the state level because the previous case did not address Chauvin’s actions against then-14-year-old John Pope in 2017.

According to federal court filings, the Pope also fixed under Chauvin’s knees after Chauvin hit his head “many times with a police-issued flashlight,” like Floyd three years later. Was done. Chauvin and another Minneapolis police officer trained by him responded to a call for domestic violence at the Pope’s Minneapolis home.

After resisting being handcuffed by other officers, Chauvin beat the Pope, fixed it to the wall, beat it again, and opened a wound that required a seam. “Lying down on the floor, handcuffed and unresisting.” According to Filing, Chauvin held his knees around the Pope’s neck more than six times. 1⁄ ⁄2 I ignored the cry that his neck hurts for a minute.

Last month, the Pope and the 39-year-old Zoya Code Filed individual federal civil rights proceedings Chauvin and Minneapolis police objected to Chauvin’s use of dangerous neck restraints.

This week’s prosecutor cites Chauvin’s 18-year career and history of using multiple abuses of his authority as reasons for the harsher ruling.

Chauvin wrote, “Using his law enforcement career, the defendant engaged in abusive acts punishing those who did not immediately submit to his authority.”

“Both cases show that the defendant intentionally used unjustified force, regardless of the life and safety of the civilian who is responsible for protection.”

Feds seeking 25 years for Derek Chauvin for civil rights violations Source link Feds seeking 25 years for Derek Chauvin for civil rights violations

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