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Attorney General Merrick Garland sets himself apart from the Trump administration’s predecessor and charges two U.S. park police officers who fatally shot a Virginia man after an off-limits chase in 2017. Allows you to work with local prosecutors in pursuit. ..

In a June 1 letter to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and Fairfax County Attorney General Steve Desano, Garland said the federal government “federal and all appropriate” in an investigation into the death of Bijan Geyser. Share information and evidence. “

Garland’s letter is the latest twist in a legal story that spans almost four years after McLean’s 25-year-old Geyser was shot dead. Federal officials investigated the shootings for two years and did not reveal most of what they found. They eventually opposed criminal accusations against the two officers who shot Geyser, Lucas Vineyard and Alejandro Amaya.

When the federal government chose to oppose the prosecution, Fairfax County prosecutors launched their own investigation. In October 2020, a grand jury in Fairfax County charged the pair with manslaughter. They obtained the indictment without the help of a federal agent who has important evidence, Mr Desano said.

However, an officer’s lawyer withdrew the case from the district court and transferred it to federal court. They claim that the Constitution provides federal officials with an exemption from state accusations. Their detailed legal debate was scheduled to take place in court on Tuesday.

Garland’s letter responded last month to a letter from Herring and Desano asking Garland to reconsider its original decision against police prosecution.

Garland’s response does not mention the pursuit of federal crime, but the cooperation of federal agents could make it easier for local police to file proceedings.

Geyser was hit deadly by police after a Fender Bender rear-end collision in November 2017 after pursuing George Washington Parkway outside the northern Virginia capital.

A dashcam video released by Fairfax County Police, who played a supporting role in the chase, shows that the chase began on the Parkway before it turned into a residential area. This indicates that the car driven by Geyser stopped twice during the chase and the policeman was approaching the car with a gun. In both cases, Ghaisar will drive off.

At the third and final stop, a policeman with a gun approaches the car through the driver’s door. When the car starts moving again, you will hear gunshots. The car begins to flow into the ditch and you hear two more sets of two bullets.

Vineyard is a court document released as part of a civil lawsuit filed by Geyser’s family, telling FBI agents interviewed after the shooting that he and Amaya told Geyser to surrender peacefully before firing. He said he gave him a chance.

In a statement on Tuesday, Congressman Don Beyer, who has criticized federal inaction over Geyser’s death, praised Garland’s decision.

“For years under the previous administration, the Justice Department covered the case with an unacceptable level of opacity, blocking all attempts to establish the truth. Now we are new in accountability and transparency. There is reason to expect the times to come, “Bayer said. The area was the scene of Geyser’s murder.

Feds to Cooperate in Virginia Case Against Park Police Cops – NBC4 Washington Source link Feds to Cooperate in Virginia Case Against Park Police Cops – NBC4 Washington

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