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Fendi Roma: A panacea of ​​the eternal city in a masterpiece of rationalism

Fendi’s invitation to the Spring / Summer 2022 collection, announced on Saturday, elegantly telegramd the designer’s message.A sophisticated ode to the eternal city and its fashionable Dolce Ferniente A sense of style.

Fendi-2022 Spring / Summer-Men’s Wear-Milan-Photo: Fendi

Artistic director of accessories and menswear Silvia Fendi She performed her show video at the famous Palazzo della Civirta Italiana, Fendi’s world headquarters in Rome. This is a wonderful multi-arch representation of rationalist architecture.

Rather, on the Palazzo, the cast marches to the roof, walks against the backdrop of the setting sun, tours the surroundings with sophisticated aristocratic tailoring and abbreviated jackets, behind which are Alban Hills and Castel Gandolfo. The Pope’s summer residence.

Sylvia’s invitation was as subtle as her clothes. A hand-painted map of the eternal city of pistachio, mauve and putty shades depicting the Tiber and the headquarters of Fendi. The same print swirls in silk trousers and cool shorts. Performance.

Another clever Trompe-l’Ouille She morphed silk shorts into a mock centurion skirt with lots of mini pockets. This wasn’t a remote, literal show or collection, as some of its best looks were Appaloosa-printed denim jackets.

“Our peculiar perspective during this period changed the perception of our world, and I became very relevant to what we see from the arches and rooftops of our buildings. It’s like a bird’s-eye view of Rome … the colors and perspectives are constantly changing. The soft palette of Roman skies throughout the day was so beautiful that I wanted to focus on this collection, “Silvia explained.

Fendi-2022 Spring / Summer-Men’s Wear-Milan-Photo: Fendi

As dusk set, 15 young people sat on the edge of the marble roof. Before the darkness falls and the clothes are more tailored and wrapped. From stunning translucent raincoats to camouflage bags, the collection has huge pizzas that have created an impressive ode from Sylvia to her hometown. Finally, she showed her a sloppy, softly tailored suit in dusty pastel and decorated her appearance with swimming goggles and a hat.

And given her history of making hit bags, La Silvia developed the hugely successful Fendi Baguette. Not surprisingly, she dreamed of some great new tote bags and skillfully incorporated the brand’s inverted F logo. Micro baguette with a thin waist chain.

In addition to some great shiny leather briefcases, it boasts an external ping-pong bat pocket, thanks to a link-up with sportswear label Arena. Despite the fact that the famous Ilbuko beach, popular with young Roman hipsters, has the smallest waves, one man even raised a surfboard.

Sylvia’s rooftop Rotario clearly loved clothes and hats: the wide brim of some sported giant floppies. Many chaps wore micro-tuxedes and blazer cut out from the chest.

In Fendi’s last two shows this year, only Kim Jones, the creative director of women’s fashion, has performed solo bows in both haute couture in Paris and ready-to-wear in women in Milan, albeit in video format. It was.

Fendi-2022 Spring / Summer-Men’s Wear-Milan

At the finale this weekend, only Silvia Fendi bowed.With her for years Karl Lagerfeld We bowed jointly at the end of Fendi’s ready-to-wear show, but the tradition ended after Jones arrived.

It’s a simple look by Signora Fendi, but it’s proud. Before we witness yet another wonderful optical illusion. The exact shades of the collection are projected onto the towering palace’s multiple high arches, each containing one model.

In a nutshell, Fendi’s strongest menswear statement for many seasons and the victory of Silvia Fendi, the granddaughter of the label’s founder.

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Fendi Roma: A panacea of ​​the eternal city in a masterpiece of rationalism

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