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Ferrari makes its fashion debut with the Generation Z collection

With the bouncing stallion symbol, Ferrari may be Italy’s ultimate masculine luxury symbol. But when it unveiled its first full-fashion collection in history, in addition to Maranello’s car production line this weekend, there were more girls than men on the catwalk.

Ferrari-2022 Spring / Summer-Photo: Deeny

“The car has no gender and no of these clothes,” he explained. Rocco Ianon, A veteran of Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, hired by Ferrari as the creative director of fashion.

Ferrari is also the ultimate symbol of commercial success in life, and most of its owners are over 50 years old before buying their first high-performance car. Still, the factory’s runway was full of half-aged models and Gen Z clothing, although inspired by the ergonomic design of the car, high-performance materials, and technical finishes.

Given the tradition of this brand, there are also courageous decisions. A visit to the museum of the brand’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, is an exhibition dedicated to Gianni Agnelli, the famous former owner of Fiat, who eventually absorbed Ferrari and was a prominent example of the Italian style of the aristocrats. Will be revealed.

With Naples tailoring, a wide range of silk ties and timeless elegance, the contrast of Agneri was unmatched. When Iannone launched a huge collection of logo-driven chunky coats, jackets and sportswear Demna Gvasalia so Balenciaga Or Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh.

Instead of off whiteOne wag at the show, referring to the brand’s legendary Testarossa 12-cylinder roadster, had already called Ferrari’s debut “off-red.”

“It was very important for me to know who the Ferrari icon was. For me, Ferrari is a brand that makes up the majority of pop culture, music and art. So I am in the Ferrari lifestyle. I tried to understand the idea .. It’s always there and that’s what I wanted to make a contemporary collection, “Ianon explained at a pre-show press conference.

Stand in front of a mood board containing a montage of Ferrari stars and icons – with Brigitte Bardot Lambert Wilson To Linda Evans And Mick Jagger. A selection of new icons next to them showcased Ferrari’s future targets Timothée Chalamet, Dua Lipa and A $ AP Rocky.

“Women have always been part of our image and reputation, so 80% of this wardrobe is gender-fluid and looks different from XXXS to XXXL,” says the designer.

Based in Maranello, central and northern Italy, historically known for its ceramics rather than automobiles, Ferrari seems to be committed to launching modern fashion. The collection began e-tailing shortly after the show, both on Ferrari’s own website and on the website of Luisa Via Roma, the famous Florentine store that boasts Italy’s hippest online boutiques.

Overnight, the collection will also go to Ferrari’s radically upgraded new store in Maranello, where it will be overhauled again in a new streamlined space.

As such, Ferrari’s fashion is clearly gender-neutral, featuring a curved shape and a raglan shoulder riffing the silhouette of the car’s curves. Iannone also has longer hips and muscles, just as Ferrari car designers often created works based on the anatomical details of the human body.

Ferrari-2022 Spring / Summer-Photo: Deeny

“Our clothes need to be recognizable not only in the logo, but in their spirit,” added the 37-year-old designer.

Throughout, he injected a large amount of high graphic prints. A punchy blend of 1950s posters and magazine covers suggests speed, images of Cavalino’s prancing horses, and even champions with checkered flags.

The knitwear also has a high-class feel, and the key fabric is nylon, which is light like feathers but finely woven, and feels good like silk.

In response to the growing consumer demand for customized luxury, Ferrari developed Tailor Made 10 years ago. This is a bespoke service that allows its wealthy clients to order the exact colors of Connolly Leather, cashmere seat covers, or brushed metal gearboxes to suit their dreams.

The visiting editor was given a tour of the space that weekend, which clearly inspired Iannone. In addition to the variety of materials, there were hanging toiles and patterns played with a collection of geometry and cloth.

Whether made of silk taffeta, treated wool, nylon organza, or technical jacquard that looks like light carbon fiber, the garment was mostly rain resistant and durable.

Ferrari has also developed an entirely new autoframe for ultra-high net worth customers, engraving life-sized models from clay using lasers and computer-guided drills. Those same terracotta cars make up the bulk of the brand’s heritage and have appeared in several fine leather trench coats finished with padded red shoulders. The pattern cutter was also overdriven with the brand’s signature canary yellow and dark scarlet drop shoulder duster, padded jerkin and materase nylon coat.

This collection has certainly made a big difference in Ferrari’s direction. This will shift product diversification from license-driven models to luxury brand concepts.

Ferrari still plans to retail some licensed products-including Puma Sneakers, Ray-Ban shade, Lego The kit is probably not a luxury item, but the target consumer of clothing is currently sensitive to the epidemics that are prevalent in LA, Miami, Milan, or Dubai. So the brand will open new stores in the next few years.

There was also a new smooth white Puma sneaker with a clear Ianon influence, with the sides cut like a car ventilator. It was difficult to understand why he showed so many tall black socks (strange Italian obsession) with the white Ferrari logo.

Ferrari-2022 Spring / Summer-Photo: Deeny

However, this was an impressive auto fashion debut by Iannone, helped by the presence of several supermodels marching on the LED catwalk. Mariacarla Boscono takes action, Natalia Vodianova Pretending to be in front of the front row, including Ferrari’s two F1 drivers Charles, entered the slipstream for a final look Leclerc And Carlos Sainz – and a famous industrial designer Marc Newson And Johnny Ive.

The entire cast marched on high heels, which appeared to be made of tungsten steel, past Ferrari’s assembly line and focused on the 12-cylinder car, the heart of the brand’s DNA. It is located in a factory that rarely produces 10,000 cars a year.

“This is car-making haute couture. Every station has personnel. Here we don’t assemble anything with robots. Craftsmen are the heart of everything Ferrari does,” he said before pausing and bowing. Ianon, who bowed for a long time, concluded. John Elkann, the grandson of Gianni Agnelli and the patron of the entire shebang.

Will consumers abandon the Mega Runway brand for the car company Clover? It’s a big bet, but at least Ferrari, Iannone and Elkann have a couture of their beliefs.

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Ferrari makes its fashion debut with the Generation Z collection

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