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Nine police officers resigned from Portland Police Department in July

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Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — As crime increases, so does Portland police.

Lieutenant Greg Pashley said the bureau currently has 808 sworn members. Their authorized number of personnel is 916.

“People still have a pretty large number. I think nine people resigned in July,” Pashley told KOIN6.

“For those who are experiencing increased crime and delayed police response, they may feel unresponsive. We understand that you are not responding and I agree. That’s not the response you want. That’s the response we want to provide. We’re now in a position to standardize this for some time in this city, worsening on the prediction that people will leave. There is a possibility, “he said.

The agency said few officers have applied for a new centralized intervention team to work to prevent shootings in Portland. They blame very professional work as part of the reason-but also point out the city council’s decision to get rid of last year’s gun violence reduction team.

“Also, when considering whether you want to do this particular mission, there may be people who may have looked back on recent history and looked at their predecessors. Last summer, the summer of 2020. Is excluded from very similar jobs. “

Lieutenant Pashley said the chief had the authority to assign FIT positions in the absence of volunteers, which is unusual for a professional team. I’m not interested in applying for FIT shortly after the entire team assigned to respond to the riots resigned in June.

In a KOIN memo obtained through a request for public records, team members stated that the decision was partly due to “lack of leadership” from the city hall, district attorneys, and local political leaders. rice field.

Darryl Turner, the relevant Secretary-General of the Portland Police Department, said morale was the lowest ever in the bureau.

“I think part of the solution is that the elected civil servants need to show their support. How they show their support — fund the police and fully fund us. Full We will be staffing in. It’s the second, “says Turner.

Few PPB officers volunteering for new specialized team Source link Few PPB officers volunteering for new specialized team

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