Fiery, wrong-way crash in Cleveland – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-08-23 18:42:02 –

Cleveland (WJW) – FOX 8I team Police have found a video of a violent head-on collision allegedly caused by a reverse-way accident.

It happened on the local highway, which is notorious for a reverse-way accident.

The crash led to the dramatic rescue of a seriously injured woman, as well as the arrest of a driver with a history of trouble behind the steering wheel.

The clash occurred earlier this month on the 25th west and near the shoreway.

Police videos show police officers and firefighters scrambling the wreckage with brilliant flames, but witnesses can be heard rescued even if they call 911.

“Someone will come to help. Get something and break the glass,” said the woman in the video. “They can’t get out. Pull the glass. Pull the door to open it. Get out.”

A video of a police body camera shows one of the rescue workers telling a police officer: Similarly, they came in the wrong way. “

The policeman then finds a woman who can’t move and can barely talk.

“Ambulance is coming,” he told her.

In this video, police asked another driver, “Sir, were you driving? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” he replied.

Investigators determined that Timothy Patrick Jr. went in the wrong direction and caused the crash.

This happened in a section of the freeway with so many reverse drivers that police have installed a special sensor on one ramp to detect a car in the wrong lane and warn of dispatch. increase.

Checked by I-Team, police said sensors in the area did not pick up traffic in the wrong direction arriving at the shoreway.

Team I called Patrick, but couldn’t tell him exactly where he got on and why he was heading in the wrong direction. Patrick said he remembers being really tired that night.

Police arrested Patrick on the scene. Police reported that he showed signs of disability.

His driving records show more than 20 convictions, including cases of drunk driving, unlicensed driving, and unlicensed driving.

Police have begun prosecution, but the case is now being further prosecuted by a grand jury. Patrick gets a chance to protect himself at the Kaiyahoga County Courthouse.

Records show that the woman suffered a general fracture with collapse of the lungs.

Fiery, wrong-way crash in Cleveland Source link Fiery, wrong-way crash in Cleveland

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