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Reckless driving in Milwaukee. Those who drive the streets on a regular basis will probably have seen a careless driver. Speed ​​violation, road anger, passing right side, jumping curbs, ignoring traffic lights, ignoring pedestrians, tailgate. Milwaukee experienced 51 fatal accidents in 2019 due to reckless driving. By 2020, that number surged to 77, up 51%. In 2021, it is rising again. The city’s fatalities have increased by 41% to date, killing 24 people as of Memorial Day weekend.

Tracey Dent, a black activist head of Voices Against Violence, decided to do something about this annoying issue. He called on local talent to create a song and video called “Over the Limit” for the benefit of the general public. For more information, I met Tracey Dent in a small recording studio at an artist’s house near the North Side.

Tracey, you and your artist are creating music videos that deal with reckless driving and encourage safe driving.

This song is called “Over the Limit (SlowDown)”. We are paying attention to the danger of reckless driving.

Who wrote the song? Who is the stage artist?

The idea began about six months before the stolen car driver was speeding up, and he beat Calumet and a seven-year-old girl on the 76th. The artist Porchia Viv-Vid Stinson is near the girl’s father. Viv Vid suggested singing a song about reckless driving because he needed to do something. However, COVID was rampant and had to postpone the project, which is finally happening.

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I called on the artist to take action. In addition to VivVid.There are 16-year-old singers Crysy B and Mani Imani from the movie 53206.. And then there’s Quinlan Bishop, whose artist name is QB Speaks. Doc Holiday is a producer and he mixed and assembled. They all wrote their own lyrics. The catchy chorus was written by QB Speaks. All I did was bring together the talents, and they made a powerful song.

Make a video

A few weeks later, Tracey Dent and I met on Calumet on the 76th. This is the hit-and-run scene on October 28, 2020, where a music video was made. A seven-year-old girl, Rondin Kesada, died in a tragic hit-and-run accident. When another car collided, Rondin was in the car with his mother, expelling Rondin and seriously injuring his mother.

Please tell me the series of events that led to the accident.

Music videos warn you to drive a real-life tragedy recklessly. Reproduce the incident that caused Rondin’s death. The car is stolen, police track it, and hit and run. It also shows police chasing a suspect who has escaped from a car.

What is the purpose of the video?

Raising awareness of this horrifying issue in Milwaukee is part of the overall campaign. Our message is that reckless driving isn’t worth it, it’s not worth stealing, speeding up, or endangering your life. This campaign is part of my organization, Voices Against Violencw.

“Beyond the limits” chorus

No one is safe to drive beyond the limits

Why are you in it as it is not yours

Think twice before making that mistake

Is it really worth ruining your life?

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June 11, 2021

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