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12 Monkeys (Arrow Video Blu-ray)

The virus, which emerged from laboratories with inadequate security protocols and caused a deadly pandemic, sounds like news in recent headlines.But director Terry Gilliam and co-writer David Peoples were already in 1995. 12 Monkeys, The movie is set in the future and the past. Fragmented leaders of society who survived the 20th-century pandemic, which killed 5 billion people in 2035, return prisoner James Cole (Bruce Willis) to the 90s. He aims to prevent the devastating virus unleashed by animal welfare terrorists who are willing to take the ultimate step. They are trying to save the earth by exterminating humanity.

Willis proved to be surprisingly versatile in his role as a disposable time travel scout trapped in a psychiatric ward when he returned to the 90’s. No one believes his warning about the upcoming pandemic, but one psychiatrist (Madeleine Stowe) benefits him with suspicion. Brad Pitt is a fanatical madman as a terrorist leader, and Christopher Plummer plays the role of a virologist whose research makes disasters possible.

Gilliam shoots many scenes from an oblique angle, emphasizing the subjectivity of reality in the story that dreams are memories of events that have yet to come. 12 Monkeys Question: Can we change the future if everything is already happening? The release of the new “Steel Box” includes an informed booklet, an interview with Gilliam, a feature-length making documentary, and more. Includes bonus. (David Rulesen)

The Conjuring The Devil let me do it (Streaming in theaters and HBO Max)

The trial drama of this story is based on Arne Cheyenne Johnson (played by Ruairi O’Connor) in the actual 1981 case of having the devil kill the landlord. Similar to the previous “The Conjuring” movie, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga portray real-life married paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. They and Johnson were part of the boy’s demon punishment, and Johnson claimed that the devil had been transferred to him. Maintaining the compassionate image of the Warrens was a movie right and lecture tour prior to the verdict. It means overlooking their efforts to arrange. Metacritic, released a week ago in the UK, rates it as 57/100. Frequent paranormal horror brings the horror genre to the film. (Lisa Miller)

Spirit Untamed (Theatrical release on June 4th) In the animated movie, the romanticization of girls and horses went well. Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron And again, on Netflix’s anime series “Spirit Riding Free.” This latest (and of course animated) movie features a young lucky man (Isabella Monard), an urban dweller raised by Aunt Cola (Julianne Moore). The child’s rebellious behavior is the home of Lucky’s father (Jake Gyllenhaal) and encourages him to move to the small open frontier town of Miradero. The girl soon becomes friends with a wild mustang named Spirit and is chased by a profit-seeking horse Wrangler. Lucky works with his friends Abigail (McKenna Grace) and Pull (Marsai Martin) to save the horse and its mare in this PG-rated adventure announcing the release of a video game. (Lisa Miller)

Sam Cooke Legend (Abkco Films DVD)

Sam Cooke was telegenic at a time when blacks were rarely seen on television. Legend It records a life that began in Mississippi and found the purpose of singing at his father’s South Side Chicago Church. By the age of 19, he was hired by the top gospel group The Soul Stirrers, and by the age of 25 he became a hit maker in the pop market. Legend Cook claims to have invented soul music (has the director never heard of Ray Charles?), But he influenced black performers and made a successful crossover. Cook’s fascinating The individuality and warmth of his voice shine through the archived footage. As you can see in recent feature films That night in Miami …Inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’In The Wind,” Cook finally commented on civil rights in his memorable “A Change is Gonna Come,” but died in a strange incident after its release. (David Rulesen)

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May 31, 2021

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