Filming begins in Menlo Park for HBO Max series – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-10-13 13:06:24 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Hollywood has acquired Menlo Park. There were multiple road closures on the first day of shooting the new TV series on HBO Max. The series is based in the southwestern part of the 1970s and is called the “Duster”.

“I saw old cars, they were from the 70’s, like bell-bottoms and big-haired actors,” said Kezar Lola, owner of Los Olivos.

Many antique muscle cars were cruising around the city, jumping between spots for filming. All day long, locals came to see and the business owners got a glimpse.

“I saw them doing it over and over again, it’s kind of amazing. When I watch it on TV or in the cinema, it looks simple, but it’s not,” Lola said.

The last time the old Pueblo saw Hollywood work was 20 years ago.

“Historically, there were other shoots that took place here and put Tucson in people’s minds. Mostly Southwestern films, but we’ll do everything we can,” said Mercado’s Seis Kitchen supervisor. Visor Hector Elias said.

The state estimates that the project will have a $ 65 million economic impact on the surrounding community in the first year of production. Local restaurants like Mercado’s Seis Kitchen expect this series to attract more customers.

“In addition to the already busy season, we hope this shoot will help attract more customers, which will also help us and other local businesses.”

The series will be held in Tucson for at least 10 months and will generate a lot of good and bad traffic.

“The streets were closed and I had to go buy some produce and it was difficult to get in,” Lola said.

On Wednesday, locals should expect a road closure in western Saguaro National Park.


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Filming begins in Menlo Park for HBO Max series Source link Filming begins in Menlo Park for HBO Max series

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