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FiloBlu Assists Business with Functional Integration, Data Backbone – WWD

Milan — There are several certainty that the pandemic has brought. One is that large and small companies need to make greater efforts to maintain relevance in today’s scenarios characterized by volatile economies.

In particular, fashion companies unaffected by the pandemic-induced turmoil have been forced to rethink marketing investments and retail strategies, if not the entire structure.

To this end, Philo Blu, an Italian-based consultant and business accelerator founded by Christian Nucibella in 2009, has been able to help companies with the help of digital and high-tech solutions for all their capabilities. We help you survive these difficult times.

Just born out of a recent partnership with Google, the technology giant’s cloud systems, marketing units, and G-Suite tools are now available. FiloBlu has built its own business intelligence unit, machine learning-based plug-and-play solution, and artificial intelligence. Intelligence and data-driven knowledge.

“The focus on digital caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is that corporate executives talk to the digital sector and ask how companies can increase their digital revenue,” said CEO. Nushibella, who also has the role of responsible person, said.

“We [this shift] “Digital transformation” is because it’s not really a problem for the digital sector to achieve good results, but today it’s the entire company that needs to be restructured and rethought, “he said.

FiloBlu is a digital native company supported by a data and technology backbone to drive its clients’ businesses, and believes in the integration of traditionally individually managed features.

Since the number of projects across features is the highest ever, Nucibella explained that we need a structure to support and handle them. “There is a“ cultural ”lack in project-driven strategies, and few companies rely on project management offices,” he said.

At FiloBlu, each brand’s capabilities are reflected within the consultant by a dedicated team, from finance to e-commerce, marketing, communications to project management, data analysis and inventory management.

“We act as’personal trainers’, teaching them how to handle their business differently and bringing new abilities that our internal team may not be able to leverage,” Nucibella argued.

FiloBlu clients often boast all the assets they need for an ongoing project, but often because of “poor performance”, for example, 10% of sales in e-commerce, on reorders. Few companies can make 20-25%. I’m from a wholesale account.

“Adjacent to the internal structure, remove barriers between departments, establish agile work practices across departments, introduce new methods, and best practices for all assets of the customer journey, marketing, and user experience. You can get results in the short term, “says Nucibella.

Google’s partnership will help FiloBlu leverage the former ability to store and manage data to create dashboards for shared projects. It all speeds up the decision-making process and provides a common foundation for the prosperity of different business units, Nushibella explained.

“Data use is fundamental, as more or less all companies are migrating to omnichannel. [approach] And I wanted to know more about their end customers, “he explained. The company’s data backbone and digital know-how allow brands to better channel their marketing investments, improve margins on sales (ROS), and bring data and information they already have into useful clusters.

Christian Nucibella, Founder and CEO of Filo Blu.
Courtesy of Filo Blu.

“This allows us to more accurately adapt our brand’s value proposition to different clients,” says Nucibella. FiloBlu counts Pinko, Santoni, Elisabetta Franchi and Puteri as fashion clients.

Since 2018, it has been awarded Deloitte’s Best Managed Company Award every year, and the consultancy is growing rapidly. Sales in 2020 are expected to grow by 28-30% compared to 2019, when sales reached € 51 million.

A business model that emphasizes results and performance has helped consultancy grow. FiloBlu charges clients according to the results they can deliver. “It’s a match that benefits both sides because we benefit from the goals we’ve achieved,” said Nucibella.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, this model is sustainable in that it often reflects or exceeds client expectations.

“That’s what the brand expects from us, to be at the forefront of the conversation and to stay ahead of the game,” Nushibella tweeted.

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