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Katrina Liu
Boston University News Service

Boston-Before tomorrow’s run, marathon runners prepared a last-minute meal, physical and mental preparation this weekend as part of the Boston Marathon training program.

Regardless of the runner’s level of experience, the amount of preparation required to perform a 26.2 mile trek is enormous. According to Sara Gilbert, a sports nutritionist at Boston University, this includes a diet that is very important in preparing for months leading up to physical feats such as marathons.

“When we increase activity, we want to make sure we are eating enough to promote that activity,” Gilbert said. “The first thing people need to understand when performing a long run, rather than a mile or two, is that they have more activity, so more energy is needed to support their work. It is necessary. “

To be able to summon that energy requires some discipline and strength training that takes time to build.from Runners World NS Runner blueprint To the interviewed expert US News & World ReportFor regular marathon training, 16-20 weeks is an ideal period.

Avery Phillips, the first marathon runner to run for charity at Children’s Hospital in Boston, follows the hospital’s own 17-week program.

“”[Boston Children’s] Training programs are set up for people running on their behalf, “said Philips. “There are weeks to increase mileage, break weeks, and tapered weeks to rest and prepare for a little mileage.”

However, while many programs and training regimens are available, ultimately all individuals will have different preparations based on their body and previous experience.

“When I meet someone [to create a plan]… You will be looking at “what are you already doing?” Gilbert said. “For those who are new to training and have never tried it before, some experimentation may be required.”

After finding an effective regimen, getting in shape and staying fit, runners need to prepare for the different seasons of this marathon. The marathon runs in October instead of April, so it may be cooler than usual, but temperature is still an important factor.

According to exercise physiologist Susan Paul Heat and humidity Increases physical stress on the body and increases strength. All of this will increase your heart rate. on Monday, The humidity of the start line will be 89%.

Race timing also affects your training regimen in terms of time and physical strain.

“Nutritionally, the biggest concern is whether to be trained to do this in April, then postponed and continue training until October without breaks. At this point, what about energy levels? Do you feel? “Gilbert said.

With the exception of some dietary adjustments like sleep and carb loading, mental prep will be front and center towards the last day before the big run.

The spiritual aspect is of utmost concern when Philips enters the final stages of preparation.

“The hardest part was the mental challenge of running,” said Philips. “Whenever I hit, like Miles 10 or 11, or when your body wants to stop, it’s hard to find a way to get back into meditation.”

Runners are preparing for Monday, primarily focusing on being mentally prepared for the physical demands of running a marathon.

“On the weekend before the race, people should just relax mentally, prepare a nutrition plan and a general training plan, and hopefully try to prepare,” Gilbert said. “They already understand what works best for them.”

Final preparations key for runners gearing up for Marathon Monday – Boston University News Service Source link Final preparations key for runners gearing up for Marathon Monday – Boston University News Service

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