“Finally doing it right”: Democratic big bill offers the opportunity to offer Sanders | Bernie Sanders

WVeteran Left Senator, a chicken advocating progressive policy Bernie Sanders Often quotes public opinion. Before reading the list of ambitious initiatives “the majority of Americans want,” he said, from lowering prescription drug prices to expanding Medicare and establishing paid family and medical leave. “Vote after voting”. Confront the climate crisis.

Versions of these programs, an initiative that was once thought to be just a dream of a liberal pipe, are at the heart of Joe Biden’s vast domestic policy bill pending in Congress.But despite the popularity of certain proposals, the law Polling problem.. vote After polls, it turns out that most Americans don’t really know what’s in the bill.

With blazing momentum, Sanders livestreamed a panel discussion of the title on Wednesday. What’s in Damnville?.. To thousands of viewers on the air, Sanders told Democrats’ multi-trillion dollar spending package is a generational opportunity to rebuild the US economy in a more equitable and equitable way. rice field.

“This is not radical,” he said. “This is finally done right by the American working class and we have the courage to stand up to the big bucks.”

After decades of fierce speech from political fringes, followed by two popular but ultimately unsuccessful bids for the president, Vermont’s democratic socialists go against all possibilities. It is the closest thing we have ever done to realize a defined policy idea. His political career.

Successful quest for legislative heritage may determine the fate of Sanders Democratic Party In next year’s midterm elections – and in Biden’s presidency.

“He has the most power and influence he has at any point in his political career,” said Faiz Shakir, his chief political adviser. “He is at the top here, but as he gained more power, he gained more responsibility.”

Shakir said the change in the environment changed Sanders’ approach. Prior to Sanders’ opposition to the system, he is now at the center of policy making and working within the Democratic Party, which has embraced many of his vast platforms.

As chairman of a strong Senate Budget Committee and a member of the Democratic leadership, Sanders has been deeply involved in negotiations on the size and scope of spending packages. If an agreement is reached, he will play a leading role in drafting the bill, and the Democratic Party will lead Congress over the unified opposition of the Republican Party.

“In many ways he is the author of this,” Shakir said. “And I think it’s a lot to see him standing up on that occasion, rolling up his sleeves and making all his legislative efforts to get this to the finish line. That’s one of the reasons. “

Sanders initially proposed a $ 6 trillion budget blueprint, and then settled on nearly half of that framework. He is now working closely with the Democrats in Congress and the White House to reach a narrower agreement that will satisfy the opposition of the party’s centrists without sacrificing progressive priorities. increase.

Sanders knew that his first bid was unrealistic given the dynamics of the Senate. But he wanted it to broaden the parameters of the debate and ultimately what would be possible. Progressive has repeatedly quoted its willingness to accept the $ 3.5 trillion plan and continues to negotiate downwards as evidence of their commitment to deal with it in good faith compared to the Centrists, which claim they are not approaching. increase.

Sanders discussed the Democratic Party’s plans at a press conference last week. Photo: Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona hold an effective veto that the policy must survive and be withdrawn as the Democrats vie and close the deal. Their opposition potentially jeopardized the plans for a free community college, with tax increases on wealthy climate programs that would help the United States achieve its ambitious emission targets.

But all the concessions made to respond to them move the bill further away from Sanders’ original vision and see the Democratic Party as the best opportunity in decades to transform the US economy and confront the climate crisis. I am deeply concerned about wasting things.

California State Legislature Ro Khanna, who was one of a group of progressives summoned to the White House for this week’s Oval Office meeting, accepts Democrats even if progressives can’t celebrate I was optimistic that it was close to a deal that could be done.

“We have finally broken through,” he said. “And we win because we establish the principle that democracy requires investment in people.

Republicans, however, see self-proclaimed socialist permits as a political gift.

The law is an attempt to radically reshape the U.S. government in the image of European-style social democracy, while they are united against spending bills and argue that additional spending causes inflation and undermines economic dynamics. Warned.

“This bill represents Bernie Sanders’ socialist dream,” Republican Senator John Barrasso said at a press conference, submitting a 2,000-page draft of the Democratic spending package. “It’s a nightmare for American taxpayers.”

The stakes can’t be higher for Democrats because there’s no room for error. Passing the bill requires the support of all Democrats in the Senate, caucuses ranging from the Democratic Socialist Sanders to the conservative centrist Manchin.

Senators have a competing worldview. Sanders believes the bill could be “one of the most important bills since the New Deal,” but Manchin said the scale risks “turning society as a whole into a qualification.” I’m warning you.

Sanders has sought to persuade Manchin and Cinema to support Biden’s agenda, both publicly and privately. It is not always diplomatic.

Tensions were dramatic when Sanders published an editorial in Manchin’s home newspaper last week detailing how expanding social safety nets could help the poorest people in West Virginia in the country. Increased to. In a statement, Manchin argued that “there is no editorial from a self-declared independent socialist” that would shake him.

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono will chat with Joe Manchin, West Virginia, on Wednesday.
Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono will chat with Joe Manchin, West Virginia, on Wednesday. Photo: REX / Shutterstock

In a closed room, Manchin and Sanders continued to entangle with West Virginia. Reportedly He was comfortable without passing anything.

Publicly, Senators signaled that they were making progress. When they met outside the Capitol last week, Manchin threw his arms around Sanders and asked reporters to take a picture of them.

As they returned to the car and departed, Manchin shouted, “Never give up, Bernie.”

Sanders needed little encouragement.

Sanders became ubiquitous at Sunday’s political talk show. He visited Indiana and Iowa to increase support for the bill, and deliberately visited some of the countries that voted for Donald Trump. When he’s not selling a budget, he’s working to make it, the aide says.

Sanders lobbyed the White House to support Medicare’s plans to expand new dental, visual, and hearing benefits to tens of millions of American seniors. This is a measure excluded from the original proposal. Senator Healthcare Promotion Permanently Strengthens Affordable Care Acts Commonly Known as Obamacare, or Refused to Do so Under Healthcare, Almost Republican-led State Poor Adults The law conflicted with House’s leadership, who prefers to expand Medicaid services to.

Biden said Thursday that including all three benefits would be a “reach”, but suggested that a dental insurance voucher program would be possible. Despite the significant reductions, it will still be a win for Sanders, who has long sought to base Medicare on the National Health Insurance program.

As part of the negotiations, Sanders has worked closely with the leaders of Parliamentary Progressive Caucus, especially Chairman Pramirajayapal of Washington State Assembly, who has emerged as the leader in negotiations on the president’s agenda.

In a showdown last month, House Progressive threatened to upset the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill backed by centrists as a way to maintain leverage over much larger spending bills.

The Senate, with the support of all 50 Democrats and 19 Republicans, had already passed the public works bill, so it fell into the House’s progressives to “hold the line” in their terminology. I did. Sanders provided his voice support for the blockade that Kanna, the deputy whip of Progressive Caucus, said was “important” for the unification of progressive rock.

On the day of the promised vote, Biden ventured to Capitol Hill to meet a heavily divided House of Representatives Democrat. But instead of gaining support for an immediate vote, the president virtually agreed with the progressives that the two pillars of his agenda are closely linked. Voting was postponed, infrastructure bills remained stagnant, and they were involved in a bigger battle over spending packages.

Sanders outside the West Wing of the White House after meeting Biden in July.
Sanders outside the West Wing of the White House after meeting Biden in July. Photo: Susan Walsh / AP

The operation was welcomed as a major tactical victory by progressive activists who have long lamented the tendency of liberal lawmakers to succumb to pressure from Democratic leaders during a fierce policy struggle.

But Biden’s position has frustrated many Centrist Democrats, especially those in the Swing district who wanted the president to sign an infrastructure bill, and raised new funding for roads, bridges and broadband expansion. You can now start the campaign.

Progressors, meanwhile, argue that failure to meet the promises of the campaign is also politically dangerous.

Anna Bahr, 2020 Deputy Secretary of the National Deputy Campaign for Sanders and co-founder of the new consultancy Left Flank Strategies, said discussions on Biden’s agenda helped raise new progressive leaders. The effect was a manifestation of the power of progressives, who she believes will motivate voters and candidates next year.

“There are families in the parliament of like-minded people. There is a voting block,” she said. “The possibility, or possibility, of tackling some of the problems that Sanders has had in his lonely voice over the years is absolutely inspiring for many, especially young people.”

On Wednesday night, Sanders joined a panel of progressives to help present the proposal in the Democratic bill. Although it was a messaging mission, the forum also provided an opportunity to celebrate the dominance of progressive movements in American politics.

Sanders introduced Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and praised the New York House of Representatives as “in my view, one of the country’s leading political leaders.”

Ocasio-Cortez was projected on the screen and thanked me for introducing me. “It’s very kind to come from an OG leader.”

“Finally doing it right”: Democratic big bill offers the opportunity to offer Sanders | Bernie Sanders

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