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The above list is a strategy for addressing the difficulties facing the community due to COVID-19. (Photo by Matthew Choi).

October 8ththBrianna Reyes, LBCC Mental Health Clinician and Student Health Services Advisor, held an online workshop to discuss specific techniques for dealing with the pandemic difficulties of the coronavirus.

The workshop, held at 2:30 pm at the Zoom Meeting, provided viewers with Reyes’ own insights into videos, PowerPoint presentations, and coping strategies to mitigate negative thoughts and emotions.

Much of the information touched on subjects primarily related to symptoms, things to watch out for, and coping strategies.

Some common symptoms of anxiety and depression are found in most people who suffer from a lack of productivity or exercise due to the stagnation caused by the pandemic.

The stress of anxiety and depression is harmful to the mind and body, so it is important for individuals to take a more positive perspective. This is ameliorated by many of the given coping strategies, such as breathing exercises.

LBCC student Katherine Miller uses some of the workarounds mentioned at the Thursday meeting.

Miller says he can have a hard time dealing with bad thoughts and feelings. Therefore, she usually walks her dog as a shift from thinking about pessimistic thoughts.

Miller said: “If I have a negative idea, how to actually connect that idea to something less negative. Don’t jump to the conclusion.”

“Walking your dog out can help you focus on things that aren’t your idea. It’s good to go out and get some fresh air, etc. That’s what Covid throws at you. It feels like it helps break the monotony that can be done. Divide the day and do something different, “Miller said.

Another LBCC student, Sophia Cobb, says she could be involved with Miller because she also used some common coping strategies. Cobb also uses conversion methods to calm himself in times of stress.

“I’m trying to find a way to distract myself from boredom and anxiety. One of the ways I do that is to cook, just make art, or listen to music. “Find,” Cobb said. “It sometimes calms my nerves. It’s like stress relief.”

Reyes also added that another workshop will be held on the 22nd.nd, Mainly covers topics that discuss how to connect socially during stressful times.

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