Find answers and discuss retaliation after a Russian cyberattack

According to controversial officials, these options include a series of steps that President Barack Obama considered and rejected after the 2016 state election system hack. They include the use of cyber tools to reveal or freeze the assets secretly held by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the exposure of his ties to the oligarchs, or the moment of political protest. It included a technical move to break through Russian censorship to help communicate with the Russian people.

At a press conference at the White House on Tuesday, spokesman Jen Psaki said the American reaction would come “weeks instead of months.” But first the United States will have to make a definitive declaration that one of Russia’s intelligence agencies was responsible.

“At this point, we don’t have much doubt about what we’re talking about,” Smith said. Microsoft didn’t identify the intruder, but the American intelligence agency said Russia was “Russia.” He added that nothing was found inconsistent with the tentative findings. Most likely the culprit. “

Mr Biden will then have to overcome another problem. Distinguish what the Russians have done, including against their allies, from the espionage of the United States. Authorities have already prepared the basis for the discussion. Last week, Biden called the malware intrusion “reckless.” This was primarily due to the impact on over 18,000 companies in the United States. Personally, US officials have already tested the argument that Russia needs to be punished for “indiscriminate” hacking, but the US uses similar tools only for targeted purposes. It is unclear whether the argument proves to persuade others to take part in the steps to get Russia to pay.

Mr Biden’s future actions may include executive orders to improve the resilience of government agencies and businesses to attacks, as well as proposals for forced disclosure of hacks. Many companies that have lost data to Russians do not admit it because of embarrassment or because there is no legal requirement to disclose even serious breaches.

However, the subtext of many testimonies was that Russian intelligence may have tied up the American network with “backdoor” access. And that possibility-the fear of it-may constrain the kind of punishment that Mr. Biden encounters. He promised to impose “significant costs” during the presidential transition, but previous promises to hold Russia accountable would be a penalty if they were involved in the most sophisticated supply chain hacks in history. Did not create enough deterrence to worry about.

“In reality, they will come back and become a crime that always exists,” said Kevin Mandia, CEO of. FireEye, the first cybersecurity company to discover an intrusion After the Russians stole the tools to fight hackers. Former Air Force intelligence agent Mandia said that “because the front door was locked,” hackers turned to known but barely addressed vulnerabilities.In this case, they entered a network management software update system made by a company called SolarWinds.. The Russians were involved when users of the SolarWinds Orion software downloaded the updated version of the code.

Find answers and discuss retaliation after a Russian cyberattack

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