Fire & shootings: Wounded neighbor describes escape – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-07-20 22:02:10 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Tucson’s Sunday fire and attack gave birth to death, hiyari hats, and heroes. KGUN9 talked to a man who was shot and injured while trying to make sure no one was in the burning house.

People around Irene Vista say they are trying to be together and attentive to each other. So when they saw the house burning, it was natural for them to try to help. That’s when they came across a man with a gun.

“He was stalking me, I felt I was next.”

A bandage on Luis Bravo’s head covers a grazing gunshot wound that shows how close he was to death on Sunday afternoon.

He says he hurried to make sure no one was inside when he saw his neighbor’s house burning.

“I and my neighbor hit the window and I want to see if anyone is there, so I take someone out. When I see the firefighters already heading, I told the man. They enter. Because let them do their job. “

He says a man with a gun appeared out of nowhere and fired at someone trying to help clean up the house. Tucson police identified the man as 35-year-old Leslie Scarlett. A TPD police officer shot him and injured him.

Bravo saw a man with him shot — and he knew he was next. He hid behind the car, but the shooter was arm-length apart and reloaded to shoot further.

“I swiped the gun and tried to move it away from him, but he managed to get away from what I was swiping, and then he hit me with the gun, or at the same time he hit me Triggered to and it felt like a glaze — I felt like I was shot in my head. “

He fell, but was able to get up and run.

Bravo says he begged the shooter before he escaped and stated that he was just trying to help. He says the shooter didn’t say anything.

Luis Bravo said he didn’t know the shooter and had never seen any signs of problems at home before the fire began and the bullets began to fly.

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Fire & shootings: Wounded neighbor describes escape Source link Fire & shootings: Wounded neighbor describes escape

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