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Firefighters & COVID, state leaders pushing for ‘presumed’ workers compensation – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville County, South Carolina (WSPA) – An effort to protect firefighters and other front-line workers when they are absent from work due to COVID. The leaders of the Professional Firefighters’ Association in South Carolina are currently doing this in memory of the loss of some of them due to the virus.

Strap the protective gown and disinfect it every time you make a call, leaving no trace of bacteria in the fire engine.

“The iPad, the radio will be sprayed. We basically move from the passenger seat side to the back,” said Lieutenant Tim Ratkowiack of the Boiling Springs Fire Department.

This is just part of what has become commonplace when receiving COVID-related calls within the Boiling Springs Fire Department. In fact, the chief there told 7 News that since the beginning of the year, one-third of all their phones have been related to COVID.

Jerry Pera’s Boiling Springs Fire Department engineer / EMT said:

Fortunately, however, firefighters and paramedics like Jerry Pera remain healthy. He told us they have support if they bring their COVID home from one of those phones.

“HIV, what do you have, it falls under the same precedent as our career. It is treated the same as in workers’ accident compensation, covers everything for us, and I All we have to do is follow the protocol, “Pella explained.

However, state fire department leaders say demonstrating where and how the virus was transmitted can be a long and disappointing process in other departments in the state.

“You have to prove that you were exposed at work. Well, if you’re always working people extra hours and you’re always there, at some point they’re these Since they are treating people, it is necessary to speculate that they are exposed to work. The Association of Professional Firefighters told seven news.

William Pesature helps lead the state’s Professional Firefighters Association. As he said, he doesn’t believe that all the proof is needed, it denies that some of his team members get the compensation they deserve. He told us, it should be presumed for all frontline workers.

“Many departments take care of their people and ensure they are covered, even through the federal dollar. But some places do not, They tell them they’re going on your vacation time, going on your sick time, “Pesatur said.

But legally, state lawyers warn that this is a difficult fight to fight. In addition, we need proof of that.

“It’s a levitating virus. It doesn’t have the ability to prove a causal relationship because it proves that you’ve had an aerial illness at that particular time and place,” said John Leckenvale’s Upstate lawyer. I did.

William Pessature said the bill was introduced last year but was submitted for COVID. He wants legislators to look back on the bill soon.

Firefighters & COVID, state leaders pushing for ‘presumed’ workers compensation Source link Firefighters & COVID, state leaders pushing for ‘presumed’ workers compensation

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