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Council Bluffs, Iowa. (KMTV) — Bellino Fireworks started nearly 40 years ago with a single stand in Papillion.

Currently, there are 230 tents in 6 states and more than 50 in the metro alone.

Council Bluffs tents have been open for over a week, but dozens of tents around the metro will soon open.

Tent will open throughout Sarpy County from 8am on Saturday, June 25th. La Vista is the only exception, and fireworks will be available for sale with Omaha from Tuesday, June 28th.

Bellino Fireworks offers all the classic products, along with some new products that are simple yet punchy.

“I’m making some color cartons as needed. There’s a large package that can contain 7, 8 or 10 cakes, a variety of mixes,” says Vince Bellino, Manager of Bellino Fireworks. Mr. says. Individual cakes where you can buy an entire box and go out with the entire show in one. “

The secret of Berino is to buy fireworks early. The busiest days are July 3rd and 4th. If you wait until then, the product will continue to be available, but the queue will be much longer.

He also emphasizes the importance of safety when handling fireworks and should only be used as intended.

Like everything else, fireworks will be a little higher this year.

“The cost of shipping and logistics has risen. It’s doubled last year just to receive the container. It’s not the cost of the product, it’s the cost of shipping the container,” Bellino said. There are 230 trailers at each site and we work with third-party logistics companies to move those trailers. Fuel prices are different from last year. “

According to Belino, there are plenty of options to save money, including 14 products that are free for three when you buy one. He says these are usually part of the top sellers.

For Click here for more information on the location of Bellino Fireworks and what the tent offers.

Fireworks available in most of Sarpy County Saturday Source link Fireworks available in most of Sarpy County Saturday

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