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First apartment? 5 Worst Ways to Avoid Interior Design Mistakes

16 months later Working with my roommates and parents, young (and not so young) people had enough. A spokesman for the real estate leasing site StreetEasy said people who can afford it are increasingly moving to their first place when the lease ends this summer and fall. Searches for studio apartments increased 69% year-on-year.

But when it comes to decorating these single nests, designers say the green of the first timer leads to an error: living like a curtain or rug from stuffing an orfish sofa through the door. I couldn’t even measure the sans citizens. As New York City designer Philip Thomas said, “Just because it’s your first apartment doesn’t mean it can’t have a sense of sophistication.”

Here, design professionals emphasize the five most frequently visited flabs by novice renters, as millennials call them “adults.” Plus: A chic choice.

1. Unconquered division

For generations, crushed people have inherited different ways to divide a studio apartment into a living space and a sleeping space. Curtains, free-standing screens, bookshelves, and even jungle-like vegetation contouring columns. Franceska Butch, founder of BG Studio in Manhattan, says all of this can make the space feel smaller. Thomas said such barriers often block window light, creating muddy caves. “There is nothing worse than living in a space without light,” he said.

Instead: Instead of leaning the bed’s headboard against the wall, Butch instructed him to “float” the bed with his feet facing the window, leaving at least two feet of circulation at the bottom. The medium height headboard acts as a divider without stealing natural light from the rest of the studio. Carry the sofa on your back and place the seating area on the other side. In this way, you won’t expose your guests to crumpled pillows or stuffed animals that haven’t yet brutally cut their ties.

First apartment? 5 Worst Ways to Avoid Interior Design Mistakes

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