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Hundreds of protesters led by indigenous activists across the country Demonstration in front of the White House On Monday, Joe Biden demands that the fossil fuel project be withdrawn and that the climate crisis be declared a national emergency.

NS Rally It marks the beginning of a five-day demonstration calling for greater attention to climate injustice as Native American leaders and tribal members head to the capital to publicize their demands.

Demonstration is part of People v fossil fuel protestOrganized by a coalition of groups known as Build Back Fossil Free, urging the Biden administration to take further action to reduce carbon-producing fossil fuel projects.

The demonstration on Monday took place on a US federal holiday that was officially dedicated to Christopher Columbus until recently, but is now widely known as Indigenous Day.

  • What did the protest organizer say? “We have enough of your empty words,” said the Indigenous Peoples Environmental Network. “If President Biden promises to respect the treaty and strengthen sovereignty, he will act swiftly to mitigate the climate turmoil that involves our community.”

  • Was the rally peaceful? Yes, but demonstrators were exposed to police use of long-range audio equipment. discharge Sharp sound, according to video footage shot by indigenous activists.

Lauren Cho: A human corpse found in search of a missing woman in California

Lauren Cho, whom her friend called Elle, quit her job as a music teacher in New Jersey after a cross-country road trip in late 2020 and moved to California. Photo: Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Office

An official looking for a missing 30-year-old New Jersey woman in the deserts of California said They found a human body this weekend..

“The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office has carried out additional search and rescue operations in the ongoing search for Lauren Cho,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release on Sunday. “During the search, an unidentified human body was found in the rugged terrain of the open desert of Yucca Valley.”

After leaving his home in the Yucca Valley near Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs, he used his dog and aircraft to explore remote mountains in search of Cho, who disappeared on June 28. bottom.

Cho’s disappearance drew new public attention last month after Gabby Petite’s murder, prompting a national conversation about the unequal treatment of missing persons by police.

  • When will the authorities announce if the remains belong to Cho? The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said it could take weeks to identify the body and cause of death.

  • What did Cho’s family say? Her sister told CNN on Monday: We are terribly hoping for an answer, but we already feel a broken heart about what the answer is. “

New treatment destroys head and neck cancer tumors in trials

Treatment with immunotherapy caused far fewer side effects than chemotherapy.
Treatment with immunotherapy caused far fewer side effects than chemotherapy. Photo: Alamy

New cancer treatments can wipe out tumors in patients with end-stage head and neck cancer. Scientist discovered..

In a groundbreaking study, immunotherapeutic cocktails used the patient’s immune system to kill their cancer cells, promoting a “positive tendency to survive,” researchers at the institute said. cancer Trust in Research (ICR), London, and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation.

One patient, who was expected to die four years ago, was “amazing” when a nurse called him a few weeks after he joined the study and said his tumor had “completely disappeared.” I told the Guardian about the moment. My 77-year-old grandfather is currently cancer-free and went on a cruise with his wife last week.

Scientists have found that a combination of nivolumab and ipilimumab drugs leads to a reduction in the size of terminally ill tumors. Head and neck cancer Patience. In some people, their cancer had completely disappeared and doctors were stunned with no detectable signs of the disease.

  • Combining the two immunotherapeutic agents has the potential to be an effective new weapon Experts believe that it is against some form of advanced cancer.

  • Patients with end-stage kidney, skin, and bowel cancer may also be helpedThe results of other trials of the drug combination have been previously suggested.

In other news …

Jair Bolsonaro
Bolsonaro was a former paratrooper and presided over what critics called a historic onslaught against the Amazon and its indigenous peoples. Photo: Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters
  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro needs to be criminally liable for “ruthless” attacks on Amazon It exacerbated climate emergencies and jeopardized human survival itself, Activists insist..

  • After Robert Durst’s first murder conviction last month – The culmination of extraordinary trials featuring nearly 40 years of devastating evidence in Los Angeles – Prosecutors and civil litigants Working at lightning speed to bring him back to court the way they can..

  • Jon Gruden resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders after the advent of more emails Where he used Misogyny and homosexual disgusting words.. The message was sent during his time as an ESPN analyst. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” he said.

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott issues executive order on Monday No entity, including private companies, bans workers from imposing Covid-19 vaccine obligations Despite the state approaching 70,000 deaths..

Today’s statistics: Corrupt Red Sea oil tanker could leave 8 million people without water

Enlarged view of the FSO Safer oil tanker off the port of Las Isa on June 19, 2020.
Houthi rebels have blocked UN inspections of ships, and tripartite talks with the Yemeni government have stalled. Photo: Satellite Imagery © 2020 Maxar Tech / AFP / Getty Images

The impact of an oil spill in the Red Sea from a tanker rotting in the water can be much wider than expected. Eight million people are expected to lose access to running water and destroy Yemen’s Red Sea fishing resources Within 3 weeks. Negotiations are underway to unload an estimated 1.1 million barrels of crude oil remaining in FSO Safari, which has deteriorated a month after it was abandoned in 2017. The ship contains four times the amount of oil released by Exxon Valdez. It occurred in the Gulf of Alaska in 1989, and the likelihood of a spill is believed to be increasing.

Don’t Miss This: Meet Billionaires In Time Pursuing the Joy of Leisure

Time Millionaire G2211012
“I just want to do what I’m doing now. I live more in the present.” Illustration: Mark Long / Guardian

First named by writer Niran Janaloy in the Financial Times 2016 column. Time billionaires measure their value, not in terms of financial capitalHowever, according to seconds, minutes and hours, they return from employment for leisure and recreation. “Wealth can result in comfort and security,” says Roy. “But I wish we were taught to put as high a value on our time as a bank account, because how you spend your time and days is yours. Because it ’s how you spend your life. ”

Climate check: The world is ready for a major leap forward in the climate crisis, says John Kerry

John Kerry
“We have a long way to go in the next four weeks,” Kelly said. Composite: Bernat Armangué / AP / Guardian Design

The world is Ready to make a big leap at the UN Cop26 Climate SummitJohn Kerry said world leaders would “sharpen their pencils” and make new promises to reach the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Joe Biden’s climate envoy, Kelly, gave a bright assessment of the outlook for Cop26 starting in Glasgow later this month and said he expected “amazing announcements” from major countries. However, he added that he had not yet stated that the progress he had expected was “signed, sealed and provided.”

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Last one: Japanese island curry fuels tensions with Korean neighbors

Takeshima Seafood Curry
Japan has been accused of using “typical Cheap Trick” to promote its claims to the islands. Photo: Okinoshima Town

There is a simple curry bowl in the center The latest line of long-term territorial disputes between Japan and South Korea.. North Korean and South Korean media responded angry after online media coverage of seafood curry sold in Japan, including a pile of rice shaped like Takeshima, which South Koreans call Dokdo. The rocky islets are controlled by South Korea, but Japan claims they are an integral part of its territory. This dish is characterized by the Hinomaru planted in one of the rice mounds surrounded by the “sea” of curry sauce.

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First: Indigenous Protesters Oppose Fossil Fuels | US News

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