First meeting held for Highway 90, 905 and Conway Perimeter Task Force – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-15 17:43:30 –

Conway, South Carolina (WBTW) — The new Highways 90, 905, and the Conway Peri-Conway Task Force met for the first time on Friday to discuss future goals and regional growth forecasts.

The main theme that came out of the conference was access. Access to identify important public needs, access to transportation, and access to improve roads.

“At this point, I feel it’s thanks to the residents,” said Felicia Soto, a member of the committee and a resident of Highway 90.

The main goal of the Task Force is to address public safety issues such as floods and traffic and advance road projects. Members suggest starting with a short-term feasibility study and then moving on to a long-term project.

“What we really did last [want to] Throwing good money after bad. And in order to improve major corridors like Highway 90, we need to provide that level of research, “said April O’Leary, founder and committee member of Horry County Rising. ..

Immediate improvements include placing gaps in possible traffic lights and turning lanes, and highways to divide traffic flow. This makes it easier for residents to leave the neighborhood.

“If you don’t have access, there’s nothing. You need access to these roads, exits, and entrances,” said Holly County Assemblyman Al Allen.

State legislator Tim McGuinnis also said he was considering a Grand Strand Regional Traffic Survey (GSATS) focused on the 17th Highway Corridor. If approved, their plan is to piggyback Highway 90 on the study and identify key areas that need improvement within a year.

“By piggybacking on another study, it’s money we don’t have to spend in the future, and time we don’t have to spend to complete that study ourselves,” McGinnis said.

Senators McGuinnis and Greg Hambury also demand the state $ 100 million on Highway 90. With both funding and GSATS research, they can begin the necessary improvements.

“We are growing very rapidly and this species because the Highway 90 Corridor is one of the fastest growing regions in the county and one of the fastest growing regions. It’s no wonder we’re asking for the money to be returned to Holly County, the country, “McGinnis said.

The next Task Force meeting is scheduled for December 8th at 10am. The plan is to come back with new suggestions such as short-term project locations, phased plans, and guidance from the Ministry of Transport.

First meeting held for Highway 90, 905 and Conway Perimeter Task Force Source link First meeting held for Highway 90, 905 and Conway Perimeter Task Force

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