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White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will speak with reporters at the White House on October 21, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo courtesy of Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)

Former Donald Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows CNN reported on Tuesday that it had agreed to work with the House of Commons selection committee investigating the January 6 riots to provide records and appear in the first interview.

This move represents a significant change in the relationship between Top Trump’s allies and the Panel. For now, I’m avoiding referrals to criminal insults.

“Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson said in a statement that Mr. Meadows has been involved with the selection committee through a lawyer.” “He makes a record with the Commission and will soon appear for the first deposit. The Special Commission will provide all the information requested by all Witnesses, including Mr. Meadows, and the Special Commission will be legal. The Commission will continue to assess the degree of compliance with the subpoena after the testimony is taken. “

In a statement to CNN, Meadows lawyer George Terwilliger said the parties are better understanding how to exchange information in the future, saying that clients and the committee are ready to work on specific topics while working. Said. Consider how to handle the information required by the Commission that may be executive privilege.

However, if both parties do not agree on what privileged information is, the agreement can be vulnerable.The news of understanding will be: Trump’s lawyer alleged in front of the Federal Court of Appeals in Washington The former president should be able to claim executive privilege over records from the Commission.

“From the beginning, we worked with the Special Committee and its staff to see if Mr. Meadows could reach accommodation that did not require him to relinquish executive privilege or lose his senior position in the White House. The aide cannot be forced to testify before Congress, “Terwilliger said. “We appreciate the openness of the selection committee to receiving voluntary answers on non-privileged topics.”

Approval of the transaction comes when Meadows has shown a willingness to cooperate and several sources have informed CNN that they have entered a new stance with the Commission.Agreement is an important step In a relationship that was once stuck It happens after months of going back and forth between the two.

Meadows began to engage the committee more seriously, but the question of the extent to which he fully cooperates and what he intends to do. Claim as executive privilege According to multiple sources, it’s still out of balance. The agreement means that the Commission refrains from pursuing criminal insults against him, but the route is always possible, as this fragile step can be temporary.

“It’s safe to say that he cooperated to some extent, but he hasn’t fully fulfilled his obligations, so we need to figure out what will happen, but Meadows doesn’t want to be insulted,” he said.

His involvement with the committee is in stark contrast To Steve Bannon Who Indicted for contempt of Congress For the Subpoena from the Commission and for failing to testify and submit the document in response to the Commission’s former Ministry of Justice employee Jeffrey Clark. Vote for Criminal Insult Referral Report on Wednesday.

“It’s no exaggeration to say he’s not Banon, not Clark … and he doesn’t want to be,” sources said. “But how much he cooperates, and how much he cooperates, remains an open question. He did some things … but he hasn’t fulfilled all his obligations. … And it’s not yet entirely clear how much he will cooperate. ”

“I know the difference between a person who is stalling and a person who is forging, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening here,” the source added.

For the past few weeks The members of the panel said Many of the questions they have to Meadows have nothing to do with Trump — suggesting that the panel is still open to discussing potential interview conditions.

Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar, who serves as a panel, told CNN earlier this month that Meadows could make a “minor claim” to executive privilege in some conversations, but the Commission told him ” It has nothing to do with his conversation. ” I met the president in person. “

“His conversation about the suspension of free and fair elections, criticism and suspension of election votes, and coordination with campaign participants on undelivered private devices is not worthy of privilege. He gives some explanations, “added the Democratic Party of California.

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin, a member of another special committee, also told CNN earlier this month, “Many questions that have nothing to do with Trump personally (Meadows). There is. “

However, the question of how executive privilege is imminent in working with the Meadows Commission does not seem to prevent both parties from engaging, at least for now.

Members of the panel, including Thompson, have been frustrated with Meadows for the past few weeks due to his lack of involvement. Meadows even opposed his testimony recording in front of the Commission on November 12, suggesting that the next step was a confrontation that could lead the panel to begin the criminal referral process against him. bottom.

Prior to the scheduled deposit earlier this month, Terwilliger said clients would not cooperate with the Commission until the court ruled Trump’s claim of executive privilege, referring to “a fierce legal dispute with the Commission.” ..

However, things have changed recently, and committee members have hinted that this week, perhaps Tuesday, will clarify the situation in Meadows.

“I think we’ll see some movement soon, especially in Mark Meadows, the next day or so, and Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger told MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said in CNN’s “program show” that the Commission would decide “this week” whether to introduce Meadows for contempt of court for opposition to the subpoena.

Prior to the news that Meadows is currently cooperating with the Commission, Aguilar told CNN on Saturday that “(Meadows) still have a small window to comply with here.”

“So I’m keeping an eye on the calendar this week ahead, and if you follow the subpoena given by Mr. Meadows, you can prevent some of those steps,” Aguilar added, referring to the criminal route. .. I despise what the Commission has always had as a free option.

This story and headline was updated on Tuesday with additional development.

First on CNN: Meadows cooperating with January 6 investigators Source link First on CNN: Meadows cooperating with January 6 investigators

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