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Richard “Alex” Murdow was found guilty of murdering his wife Maggie and son Paul after a six-week televised trial.

The jury came back with a verdict after three hours of deliberation.Murdo found guilty on two counts Murder and two weapons-related charges.

Judge Clifton Newman said when Murdoh was brought out, “he may be taken.” He will be returned to court on Friday for sentencing.For each murder conviction, Neumann has the discretion to sentence him to 30 years in prison without parole.

“The circumstantial evidence, the direct evidence, all the evidence pointed to only one conclusion, the one you all reached,” he said before dismissing the jury.

‘Nobody’s Above the Law’: Alex Murdau Convicted of Murdering Wife and Son – Video

  • Prosecutors said Murdo I tried to distract him from his financial crimes. A 54-year-old man has been in prison in South Carolina since October 2021 on felony fraud charges. That’s after millions of dollars went missing from a settlement involving the death of a housekeeper.

Unprecedented snowfall on US West Coast is a ‘once in a generation’ event

California’s mountains have seen more than 40 feet of snow since the start of the season. Photo: Caroline Bremann/EPA

From the West Coast of the United States and Oregon to the mountains of California and the golf courses of Phoenix, achieved an almost unprecedented level This week’s snowfall in what officials call a “once in a generation” event.

California’s mountainous regions have seen more than 40 feet of snowfall since the start of the season, effectively shutting them down from the rest of the state, shutting down entire towns. The governor has declared a state of emergency in 13 counties due to unusual snowfall.

Oregon’s largest city, Portland, had its second snowiest day on record, with nearly a foot of snow. Further south, outside of Phoenix, Arizona, snow flew. “This rain and snow is bucking the trend and very unexpected,” said Ryan Maue, a meteorologist and former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief scientist. “It’s like a once-in-a-generation thing.”

  • All clouds have a silver lining. The storm overwhelmed the state, but it helped ease California’s devastating drought. more than half of the world have been freed from drought.

U.S. railroad workers told to skip inspections amid doubts over Ohio accident

A scene at the site of a derailed train carrying hazardous waste in East Palestine, Ohio.
A scene at the site of a derailed train carrying hazardous waste in East Palestine, Ohio. Photo: Alan Freed/Reuters

Leaked audio heard by Guardian, manager of America’s largest railroad company you can listen to the explanation A former motorist says we should stop tagging railcars for broken bearings. The manager says doing so will delay other shipments.

The disclosure comes as federal agencies investigate a derailment in Eastern Palestine, Ohio. A preliminary report released by the National Transportation Safety Board cited wheel bearing failure as the cause of the crash.

In late 2016, Stephanie Griffin, a former Union Pacific motor vehicle manager, consulted her manager, worried she was facing backlash for tagging (or reporting for repairs) railcars. Her manager told her it was okay to skip her test.

Griffin said: [mark for repair] Bad wheel bearing car. My boss made an issue of it because I was staying longer. When that happened, corporate offices began blaming management for releasing the car. ”

  • Residence time. This phrase refers to the time a train spends at a scheduled stop without moving. “It’s clear that management has no interest in public safety, only in making the numbers look good,” Griffin said.

In other news…

Whale Recording Using 3 Different Vocal Ranges – Audio

  • The question of how whales made their voices solved by scientistsThey discovered how creatures use nasal “phonic lip” to make the loudest sounds in the animal kingdom. The study also reveals that toothed whales use three vocal ranges equivalent to vocal flies, normal speech, and falsetto.

  • Gunmen leave Lionel Messi with threatening messages, open fire at supermarket owned by his in-laws in his hometown Of Rosario, the police said. No one was injured in the early morning attack, but it was unclear why the attackers targeted the Argentine football star and the supermarket.

  • Kremlin claims Russia was attacked by ‘terrorists’ After conflicting reports of combat Near Russia’s Ukrainian border, Russian media accused Ukrainian “sabotage groups”, which Ukrainian sources called “provocations.”

Today’s stats: More than half of people will be overweight or obese by 2035 – report

Obesity in children and adolescents tends to increase more rapidly than in adults. Photo: Dreampictures/Alamy

More than half of the world’s population will be overweight or obese by 2035 unless governments take decisive action to stem the overweight epidemic. the report warnedAbout 2.6 billion people, or 38% of the world’s population, are already overweight or obese. However, on current trends, it is expected to rise to more than 4 billion people (51%) within 12 years, according to a study by the World Obesity Federation.

The number of people who are clinically obese will rise from 1 in 7 today to 1 in 4 by 2035, unless tactics such as taxes and restrictions on the promotion of unhealthy foods are used extensively. To do. live with obesity Evidence shows that obesity increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

Don’t Miss This: An Anarchic Philippine Prison Where You Can Buy Anything

The conditions at Philippines’ New Bilibid prison are again being questioned after a raid finds deadly and bizarre contraband. Photo: Ezra Akayan/Getty Images

New Bilibid Prison, one of the world’s largest prisons, Notorious resource scarcity and overcrowdingRaymund Narag, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at Southern Illinois University, said it holds 29,000 inmates, even though it can hold only 6,000. “For example, in a ten-person cell, there are 100 prisoners and only one prison officer.”

To prevent chaos from occurring, prison officers and inmates develop their own structures for managing their daily lives. Inmate hierarchies exist throughout prisons, with inmates occupying various roles and positions. “They are the ones who count the inmates, and they are the ones who keep the cells clean,” says Naragh. Narag spent more than six years in prison before a court found he was falsely accused. Since then, he has become an expert in prison reform.

Climate check: Yosemite National Park closed indefinitely after breaking 54-year daily snowfall record

Yosemite Falls Shuttle. From the park: Yosemite has significant snowfall in all areas of the park, with some areas as deep as 15 feet. The park closed on February 25th. Photo: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park Closed indefinitely, officials say, the park is grappling with the heaviest snowfall that broke a 54-year daily record. Nearly unprecedented snowfall across the western United States has buried parks in snow up to 15 feet deep in some areas.

Yosemite has been closed for the past five days due to extreme weather and was previously scheduled to reopen on Thursday.

Finally: I went to Disneyland every day for 8 years

Jeff Wrights: ‘People ask me if I’ve ever taken a vacation. ‘ Photo: Bradley Mainz/The Guardian

I have loved Disney for a long time. Jeff Rights saysTron is my favorite movie. Growing up, my family took me there on special occasions like birthdays and Easter, and my aunt was even a cast member at Walt Disney World in Florida for a while. Along the way, she also collected over 3,000 Disney-themed badges.

So every day in 2012, I visited the park.Open 24/7 – In fact, before Covid, Disneyland California Since opening in 1955, there have been only two unscheduled full-day closures, other than unforeseen weather closures. After that first year, it was so much fun that I kept going. It felt like a regular part of my life.

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