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Fisher and Jade are smart pets with fun hobbies – Kansas City, Missouri

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Fisher loves morning playgroups and tennis balls. // Courtesy KCPP

we KC Pet Project Here at KC Metro, we hold a weekly “Creature Feature” for adorable and adoptable pets. Two previously noted pets, Cinnamon Spice and Oliver, have recently been adopted!

This week, KCPP introduces two-year-old pitbull Fisher and seven-year-old domestic short hair Jade. Both adorable pets live on the Kansas City campus for the care of animals that you can adopt them.

Fisher has been in the shelter since August 20th — it’s 101st. He joins the morning playgroup, but needs to meet other dogs at home before adoption. One of the things you need to know about this elastic boy is that he loves tennis balls. He even knows where the tennis ball stash is stored in the shelter! Fisher is known for taking staff to containers and asking them to bite one or two balls.

Gray British Shorthair jade with green eyes stares at the camera.

Jade wants to take a book and curl up in a coffee shop. // Courtesy KCPP

If Jade is a human, she likes a quiet coffee shop and would like to stay to read a good book on the weekends. She may be a little shy, but she will soon warm up to new people. Jade is looking for a home where he can take an afternoon nap or hug him at any time.

Fisher and Jade are just a few of the many animals in need of adoption in the KC Pet Project. There are still other notable creatures that need to be adopted as well. Mr. A quiet and calm cat who loves food. D’Angelo A sweet, handsome and gentle pitbull who loves hiking. Norman A well-behaved and gentle dog with a youthful spirit. Pumpkin seeds A gorgeous cat that shows you her sweet side when you gain her trust. Tonja A tabby with golden eyes that loves a quiet house.

The shelter Currently reaching capacity We need employers and pet foster parents.If these aren’t pets for you, check them out KCPP’s currently available pets..

This GivingTuesday, KC Pet Project has raised $ 50,000 for a new initiative, Healthy Pets KC. With your support, they will begin building a program for low-cost veterinary services for community pets in Kansas City, Missouri. Healthy Pet KC is an innovative new program of the KC Pet Project. Donations to Healthy Pets KC on Tuesday will fund the purchase of new cars and allow veterinary and pet support teams to provide low-cost veterinary services to homes and pets in need throughout the Kansas City community. Will be. Follow up here..

Fisher and Jade are smart pets with fun hobbies Source link Fisher and Jade are smart pets with fun hobbies

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