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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-20 05:22:52 –

Minnehaha County, South Dakota (KELO) – A South dakota The man is grateful that his family called it a “freak” fishing accident.

Todd Tesenwitz was fishing on a lake near Clark. South dakota, On July 7th, when something barely incredible happened.

When the hook broke, Tesenwitz was hoisting a large Northern Pike over the surface of the water.

“I saw the bottom bouncer fly towards me like slow motion,” he said. “Well, I thought I just hit my chest, but when I hit my chest, I felt something here and realized that I was stuck in myself.”

“It entered the left ventricle of my heart. There is a bag around your heart. It went through it and into the myocardium itself,” he said.

Tesenwitz was fishing with his wife and daughter nurse, Keanna Tesenwitz.

“My first instinct is not to pull it, but to leave it alone. Whenever something happens, I want to take it out right away, so I think it helps,” Keanna Thesenvitz said. Said.

Todd’s wife, Marie Tesenwitz, returned the boat to the boat’s landing site. At that time, it was full of first responders.

“It was nerve-wracking because he was screaming with more pain each time it hit, and I had to keep looking over my shoulder for a moment, but I kina he He knew he had, “said Marie Tesenwitz.

When they got out of the water, Tesenwitz was taken to the hospital by ambulance and airlifted to Sioux Falls, where they had surgery to remove the rest of the bottom bouncer.

“They seem to have a millionth chance that you’re still with us. If I pulled it out, they said within 30 minutes you’re definitely dead.” Tesenwitz said.

“I told my wife that I should have bought the lottery that day. I know you never know, but this is better than winning the lottery,” Tesenwitz said.

Tesenwitz is doing well in light of the situation, but he is not expected to lift anything over £ 10. He has several follow-up appointments to help determine when he can get back to work and when he can fish again.

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